Highlander Swingset..day 4

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If you have missed the first post regarding the Highlander Swingset Review and Assembly, you can backtrack.

Yes, It’s Day 4 already. In all fairness, during the regular work week its about impossible to do anything till 5pm at night and we are only working an hour or two a night after Chris gets home.

We left off at 10.5 hours.

Monday Night: Monday night I picked up a drill and went out to help Chris.  Power drills are sexy, right? We started and finished up the picnic table.  Then I did the bottom level of railings and Chris took over the top ones on the middle level.

The pictures here are courtesy of Charlotte, who is a regular Andy Warhol as you can see.

Tip on Picnic Table Assembly:

The directions say to put in the benches, then the top of the table, but then have you crawl UNDER the table to add an additional part to secure the table. Instead, do the table, crawl under to add the wood piece and THEN do the bench seats or you will be crawling under the seats at the end.


The second the picnic table was done, Charlotte had to find something to eat to test it out. She told us to keep our drill noise down so she could eat in peace.

One of the biggest problems we are having is that the predrilled holes are not lining up correctly and its causing us to have to redrill some of them so they dont hit air.

Which means the wood is cracking.

The top section there that has 13 decorative and safety pieces were 13 for 13 on split wood (right picture). Not one of the holes lined up correctly. I am going to have to call the manufacturer tomorrow to get them to send me 13 new ones.

We got 2 hours in Monday night.

We are now at 12.5 hours.

Tuesday {today, day #4}:

Today I finished up the railings on the top level of the swing set (btw, that is pretty high up there) and can officially spy on all my neighbors. I was getting a little fear of heights while I was drilling.

Chris started the rock wall. You have to use a regular screw driver and a drill. This is best done with 2 people, but Chris got pretty fast at it.

We only got about 35 minutes in before it started raining, complete with thunder and lightening, so we had to call it a night and come in.

Charlotte’s being surprisingly patient and very helpful with gathering wood and other tasks I can assign her.

13 hours and counting…

Having fun yet?


Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Theresa Schlagenhauser says

    Hi! I know this post is 3 years old, but we just purchased our Highlander today and I just found your blog. Did I miss the rest of it? I was only able to find 2 posts. My husband has opened everything and separated it, but that’s as far as he got for day 1. We have 3 kids ranging from 11 down to 9 months. I am hoping this will be something that lasts them for years to come. (at least my 2 younger kids) Please let me know if you have the rest of your building process posted somewhere else. Thanks!

  2. Ryk says

    So… Almost a year later and are you still loving The Highlander set? (BTW, did I miss any updates post the “13 hours and counting..”?) I am about to pull the trigger this weekend to get one for my girls. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures and comments you post as it’s nice to see what is really involved (since the husband is all “Oh sure, I can get that up this weekend, no problem!” ). Oh, and did you end up water-sealing yours? The instructions suggest it but i’m thinking meh…

    • says

      YES! We love it. It was a great purchase. If i could go back and do it over again, I would say the 3 tiers is unnecessary..it looks cool but almost pointless? As Charlotte gets older I feel less worried about her up there though. I would probably find one w/ more actual STUFF to do (like a trapeze bar, etc) then something that is height.

      We didnt water seal ours. I can say that you have to watch for spiders and wasps building nests up there as well.

      The biggest thing is to make sure the ground is really level.