Holiday Safety Tips!

Today while talking to my mom on the phone about a holiday meet up they are having, she asked if I had a house key. It would be logical to think I have a key to my parents house, and I know I do, but I honestly can’t remember where I put it. Then she remarked she could leave the house unlocked…but on 2nd thought decided that during Christmas time, she would be susceptible to theft and decided against it. ( The best option of course is to have a home security system installed and then she wouldn’t have to worry about it.)

Now this time of the year while everyone is busy shopping, shipping, and otherwise sharing all the fun things that the season allows, we are also so easily targets of theft. In our homes, on the computer, and in public places, the advancement of technology has also given us the downside of everyone having a camera cell phone, a way to steal our hard earned credit and cash, and a way to steal our identities.

But there are things you can do to help you during this holiday season!

Holiday Travel Safety Tips

1) Do not shop with your license, passport, social security card, and every ID you own. If you lose your wallet, you have just given yourself away.  Also keep photo copies of each one of those items in a safety deposit box or fire proof box in your home for easy identification should yours go missing.

2) Only shop with cash! While its hard to do when you are not always aware of what you will spend, no one can steal the card numbers off of your twenty dollar bills.

3) Make sure the back of your card are signed. Its true that not every company will look at the back and compare signatures, but it will prevent someone from stealing them and forging with their own.

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There is no worse way to start the year than to find out that someone charged up money or credit or worse, stole your entire identity. You can learn more about how LifeLock can help you on their Facebook page, twitter, or website!

Have a wonderfully happy, safe, and fun holiday season!

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