Hoover Contest Finalists *Winner Updated*

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Our winner was #10!!!!!! Please let us know in the MomDot forum that you have seen this so I can get your address to be sent to Hoover.


As we said, the top 20 WORST gifts of all time would make our finalists today…voting will end 24 hours from now. Whomever has the most votes, will take away the vacuum!

After reading 320 entries, I can tell you never ever buy someone edible undies (many of you got those), regift or purchase someone ANY clothing or ANY item at all from the Salvation Army without their consent, pets are  HUGE no no (i cannot believe how many of you got dogs or kittens without permission..and sick ones at that) and run fast when grandma brings a box….its gonna be weird.

Now its up to you……pick out who got the WORST GIFT and the one with the most votes by tomorrow morning will take away a Brand New Hoover…we hope that redeems your crapper gift giver.


1) Worst gift of all times was my Christmas gift of 1992. I had recently delivered my oldest and I had gained a lot of weight and was not feeling too great about it. My self confidence was low, but I was thrilled to be a new mommy so that made all okay. The I receive Richard Simmon’s Sweatin’ To the Oldies from my MIL. Nothing like telling me I has fat! It would not have been so terrible if I had asked for exercise stuff, but I most definitely had not!

2) I once participated in a Christmas swap. THe limit was $50. We had to make of list of stuff we wanted or would like. Well the person who got me did not follow the rules. I got a box full of hotel shampoos and soaps. It was embarrasing for her. I couldn’t believe anyone would do that.

3) A close second on worst gifts is a gift card that said $25 on it..but when we went to use it, the cashier told us the balance was $3.36!!!!! It is funny now..but at the time, I was really upset because I let the kids pick out toys that I other wise would have never been able to purchase. I still can’t believe the giver just let us think it was the whole $25.

4) Worst gift? My mom gave me a stuffed animal when I was in the hospital having emergency surgery at age 8. The stuffed animal in question was a VULTURE. I still have it.

5) The worst gift I ever received? A puppy!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs. But holy cow, who gives a puppy without asking first? My son is allergic, it wasn’t house trained, it shed like crazy, chewed up EVERYTHING. You get the idea. It just wasn’t good timing. Then I felt horrible having to get rid of it. My kids cried for days. Merry Christmas!

6) My worst present SHOULD HAVE been my best present. When I turned 18 my parents shocked me with a car. I couldn’t believe it, because they barely let me drive theirs. The next day they sat me down to explain my PAYMENT plan. I worked all summer to pay them for the car they gave me. They refused to let me take it to college that fall and when I came home on break, it had an engine fire and I lost the whole thing.

7) My Mother-in-law gave us one pair of opera glasses for our 2nd anniversary. One pair. Which was actually one too many since we have never been to the opera. And had just had a baby, which is clearly the time to start going to the opera.

8 ) The worst gift we received this Christmas by far was a can of Heinz “Spotted Dick” Sponge Pudding. The thought of it completely grosses me out. Would gladly exchange it for a vacuum. Yes, this stuff is for real!! Here’s a picture: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3404/3191727085_d8cd49587a_b.jpg

9) Worst gift, in high school, not long before valentines day a boyfriend and I broke up. Valentines day came around and a box of chocolates in a heart shaped box was dumped on my doorstep addressed to me.I opened the box and he had chewed up the chocolates and spat them back in the box! To this day I have had a hard time getting excited about Valentines day.

10) My mom likes to buy stuff with high pricetags from clearance stores. She will take the low prices off and make sure she says while you are opening it “See how much it is? $149!” When she gets a gift she looks for a tag then asks “How much did it cost?” Sigh.

11) The worst gift I ever received was just this past Christmas from my father-in-law. It was a necklace made out of a crocodile’s paw! It’s so hideous, you can see the scales, bones, claws, everything! He said he thought I’d like it because I’m in to “weird kind of stuff like that”. It may be true that I’m attracted to the unique but I’ve been a vegetarian for 11 years! Why that wasn’t taken in to consideration I have no idea! lol!

12) My worst gift was a few years ago. My boyfriend (at the time) of 2 years got me a ring that was engraved in it.. except when I took out the ring.. the name read Amanda.. not Jessica (which is my name). Now not only did it cause some major problems but I found out he was cheating on me.

13) The worst present that I’ve received was given at a employee Christmas party (I’m a teacher). It was a White Elephant gift exchange, but over the 10 years that I had gone to the party, most of the gifts were pretty nice… Imagine the surprised faces when I opened a CHIA DICK. And I’m not kidding–you’d have to see the picture on the box to believe it. Let’s just say that the plant grows through some kind of mesh netting…

14) Worst gift – how about this Christmas, my step-daughters on Christmas morning tell me they bought me a Keurig Coffee Machine!! I cried (like a fool), was so excited, but then they told me it was over at their cousin’s house in the garage, cause when they went to get it, the garage was locked. You have to know I’ve wanted one of these since they first were released as a Commercial machine, I even wrote the company begging for a home type machine. Well, they came out with one and I’ve wanted one every since. My hubby, my kids and my step kids all know this. I mean Christmas morning I was OVER THE MOON! I couldn’t wait… It’s now, what, Sun the 25th of Jan., no coffee maker, just found out there never was one. Guess that is one way to tell me what a “wicked step-mom” I am!!

15) Worst gift was a car that didn’t have a engine or transmission and was sitting in flooded water for 4 days. Girl friend got it off Ebay and said it would be fun to work on together. She moved out a month later.

16) One year for Christmas I got a stud finder….I was single at the time…and I guess this person thought it would be funny. For those of you who do not know what a stud finder is…it is a tool to help you find the stud in your wall.

17) One year, he got the brilliant idea to buy his mother and I matching outfits. Now I know that seems tame, but you have to keep in mind that his mother was in her mid-forties when she had him and he was six plus years older than me; so by the time we hit the identical twins Christmas, she was in her late 70’s and I had just turned 30. To make matters worse, she LOVED patterns, flowers and wanted everything she wore to be bright and, as she put it “cheery”.

18) So I remembered a wedding gift we were given. I took a picture of it to show you: http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii296/strawberyred/IMG_0640.jpg

It’s a drawing of my husband and I, using pen and markers. It’s pretty much a step up from stick figures, but not quite. It was framed in a basic cheap black frame.

Now I think it would have been cute as an additional gift, like given with something else, or I wouldn’t think it bad if given from someone who didn’t have a lot of money, but no. This was given by someone who lives in my in-law’s neighborhood where most of the houses are $800,000- $1,000,000 or more. You’d think they’d at least include a gift card or something! That was our worst wedding gift.

19) Worst gift? Oh boy! Way back when….my husband’s cousin Dave (he was single and traveling the world with the Navy) brought us back the ugliest decoration I’ve ever seen. A half horse! It was an orangey/brown color with zig-zag designs painted all over it and had a flat bottom (meaning it had NO LEGS!!!). Oh…and it was about 3 feet long and 2 feet high! Everyone in the family….gasped when he presented it to us. WE WERE ONLY 23!!! What would we do with it? We laughed and laughed!He was so proud to be giving us such a nice treasure!

What’d we do with it? We gave it to my crazy Aunt Nadine……she dressed it up for her yard with some cowboy theme! AND LOVED IT !!Oh my!

20) Just remembered another bad gift…hubby bought me a bowling ball…could have only been worse if it was 16 lbs for him and not me.

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