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How to make a hairbow holder

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As you may or may not know about me, I can make a mean tutu hair bow holder.

But I am not here to showcase those but instead teach you how to make a hairbow holder that will help you encase your beautiful hairbows, headbands, and pony-o’s in one beautiful display. I have thought a lot about how I could hang Charlottes ponytail holders (also know as Pony-O’s) so here is what I came up with yesterday.

How To make a Hair Bow Holder ( tutorial and do it yourself project):

You will need:

  • a Canvas the size of the holder you are making ( i used a 8.5/11.5)
  • Hot glue or staple gun
  • 1 inch grosgrain ribbon
  • enough material to cover canvas, a half a yard should be more than enough
  • any decorative pieces you want to girly up the holder
  • velcro
  • 3/8ths satin ribbon

The first thing you do for your hair bow holder is to cut your material and put your canvas on top of it. I chose to use hot glue because its what I had on hand, but you can secure with staples as well if you have a staple gun. I folded the edges so they were even and hot glued down.

Continuing all the way around, I did the top and the bottom and then secured the sides much like you would a Christmas package.

The next step is to prepare your ribbons.

If you want just a hair bow holder, you can do a very easy design where you stripe all your ribbons down in a row and secure. Make sure they are long enough to go to the back side and hot glue or staple down.

I wanted to do a headband holder and a pony-o holder so I had more of an “all around” hair bow holder. I am not sure about you, but our house isn’t just caked in bows, its caked in ALL of it.

I first put on my hair bow holder ribbon and then centered the rest around that. I decided to make a headband ribbon, which is a design I use for my hair-bow holders. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this process so Ill have to demo this way. By taking a long piece of grosgrain and putting a dab of hot glue every 1.5 inches and laying the other half down to secure it. This essentially leaves you with a ribbon with “holes” in it more or less that you can drop a headband into it.

Now to prep the pony-o holder, I took a satin ribbon and doubled the length I wanted it to be and cut. So if I wanted a 2 inch down, I cut a 4 inch ribbon. I sliced up 2 pieces of velcro and glued onto the ribbon so when the ends connected, the Velcro stuck together.

I tied a bow and placed on the top to give it a finished look.

After that, its just about doing a layout on your canvas and putting together. I went through several design layouts before I found one that worked for me. Originally I put my headband holder on the bottom and the pony-o holder on the top, but decided I need more space to hang the pony’s, so I took off and redid.

Just get creative with the hairbow ribbons that you have and think about the space you need so you don’t crowd them. There really isn’t a point to taking them out of the drawer so they don’t get smashed if you just smash them up again.

TIP: While I didn’t finish the back (I left the canvas open), you can always cut felt the same size and hot glue or staple down so its a nice smooth back.

I know I have been doing a lot of crafting blogs lately, but crafting your own fashion doesn’t get any better! I find that it all relates because what I cant find to fit Charlotte exactly, I just make. I hope they are helping someone fru-fru up the little girl in their life!

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(picture used with permission)

As always, leave your pictures or links if you create something or the tutorial helps you out!


22.7K Amazing Shares Facebook 29 Pin It Share 163 Twitter 9 Google+ 0 StumbleUpon 22.5K Email -- 22.7K Amazing Shares ×


  1. I <3 your tutu's wanting to make a few of these for Christmas items

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