How to marry a Sugar Daddy…

Today we were at the beach and came upon a wedding…..

This is a totally serious wedding.

In public.

At a resort.

Run by a pregnant nun….and apparently a very interesting bridal party.

The real question is “Do you think the groom went home with more than the bride?”



read more at your own risk! (NSFW)








Btw, this was in total view of the boats/beach below, the resort pools and restaurants with KIDS were in front of them and about 2000 hotels. There were hoards of pictures being taken.  There is no expectation of privacy in a public place. Even if the women had great bodies, I am really shocked by the behavior. I am so glad my kids were not on property and feel bad for all families that got more than they bargained for at this family location.

But there didn’t appear to be a man in the vicinity that didn’t whip out his iphone. Clearly.