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How to make a Tutu

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 How to make a tutu

I have seen a lot of inquirers on how to make tutus, etc. so I brought over some information from my tulle site to share with y’all! Tutus are super easy and super fun to make. You can buy nearly any type of tulle and create tutus for all your costumes! No need to buy a tutu when its easy to make a tutu!

This is the one I made~ Make sure you scrunch your tulle together really well to have a really full tutu!  I use about 20 yards of tulle in each of mine.

How to make a No Sew Tutu DIY Tutorial Instructions | MomDot.com

How to make a tutu tutorial

To measure your waist, make sure you measure your model and then take off about 2-3 inches of elastic. I know that sounds drastic, but as you put on the tulle and tighten it, it stretches the elastic out and makes it bigger..so if you don’t take down the waist size before, your waist will end up really big and you will be taking it half apart. Trust me, I did it twice.

On elastic size, that’s preference. I find with older girls, the 1 inch is a good size, but for the babies, you may want something less wide like a 3/4th inch elastic. They cost about $1.20 at walmart and are in the crafting section.

To add to these instructions since it isn’t listed in a lot of places, 6 inch tulle works really well, not the big tulle you find on the bolts. I use the big tulle on the bolts because I buy in bulk for other tutu and tulle crafts, so I end up having to cut in a lot of ways to get it to be  not to thick. If you go that route, you generally have to cut the length and width. If you use the smaller 6 inch tulle, its as simply as cutting the length.

Pre-measure your tulle out and have it all ready so you can basically go from start to finish.  A general rule is that it should be about 22-24 inches in length so when you fold it in half, it hangs long enough. If you measure out 24 inches, it will be 12 inches in length. So basically half your length to determine how long the skirt is. I do all the trimming at the end so I don’t worry so much.

Where you did the sewing will be a little hard to close the last few pieces of tulle over the top. I always put an embellishment in that area to cover up any discrepancy.  A little bow or flower works perfect here as you can see on my tutu!

Tutu TIP: Instead of Elastic, you can use big satin ribbon and the just tie in a bow. It’s easy removal…but that’s half the problem…your child, especially if you have a young one, can remove it.

Elastic is a lot more snug.

Some Halloween Ideas for Tutus:

  • Red Tulle with Black Puff Balls glued on Make a LadyBug
  • Orange, Purple, and Black tulle for a witch
  • Yellow, Orange, White for Candy Corn
  • Hot Pink and Lime Green for Strawberry Shortcake
  • White and Light Pink for a “50′s” Look
  • Purple and Light green for a Fairy
  • Yellow and Black for a Bumble Bee

Make sure you add some embellishments like sparkles or pom poms when your done! I like to add flowers to mine!

How to make a No Sew Tutu DIY Tutorial Instructions | MomDot.com

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*coming soon will be Fairy Tutu instructions

I hope that helps you when you make your new tutu for your little one! These Tutu instructions and DIY tutorial have helped hundreds of thousands of crafters like you! Have a craft you want me to demonstrate? Just contact me and I will make a tutorial.


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  1. Hello,
    I had a question…I know you mentioned just using the 6′ tulle..So, if you use a bigger thing of tulle, like on a bolt do you just cute it, say 6″ x 24″? Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the instruction. I am having a hard time finding the crochet headband though. My girls have cheerleading competition coming up and I’m doing the most by making the cutest black and red tutu for myself and the girls as a fun project we can do together also.

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