How to protect your WordPress Photos from theft.

This is directed at wordpress users because I cant stand blogspot. I mean, cough, I dont know much about it.

This morning while checking out a new stat tracker, I noticed that something of mine had been downloaded twice. When investigating further, I realized that two people had downloaded pictures of my daughter from my web page.

Protect your Images

Why? I am not sure. And it makes me sick to wonder.

I started doing some investigating on how I can better protect my images without branding them in their entirety across the photo. I don’t prefer the way it looks on my site to have a big MOMDOT running through the middle of the post. It feels more commercial then personal and that is not what I am going for when I am sharing photos from my life.

The simple solution would be a right click disable. But I also wanted the options for users to right click my banner codes on the site, so removing right click didn’t seem wise either.

I found this plugin called iProtect, located here, where you can install and it simply overlays your images with a transparent file. If someone right clicks your photo to save, it will save as a blank file.

So that photo looks like this if its saved:


See…blank. Nada. Nothing. No more Charlotte. Get off my blog.

Of course this wont stop the most savvy of Internet users if they are really interested in confiscating a photo from your page, but it will stop those that want a quick stealing solution and hopefully move them on from your page-without your child’s photo in tow.



  1. says

    Just FYI on a mac you can still drag and drop your image to the desktop to copy it… I just did it to test. I wish there was a way to lock up images like you see on pro photo blogs. Totally disable grabbing them… anyone?

  2. Charlie B says

    I’ve been using Embed Image Technology on my blog

    You can give it a look here:

    You can never 100% prevent people from stealing your images which sucks. But by using Embed Image, I at least get credit, SEO, and traffic from people embedding my photos rather than stealing them or hotlinking.

    I’ve been getting a huge boost in traffic this way, and it’s the best thing I’ve found out there to protect my images. I always like trying new ways people come up with to stop image theft and the blank overlay is good via iPortect, but people still screengrab it…

    Tineye is a great website to find who’s taking your images.

    Appreciate the post Trisha!

    – C.B.

  3. says

    Wow, thank you so much! This came up first under a google search for “can I protect my photos in wordpress”. I use bl%*#er right now but am thinking of switching for many reasons.
    I just found an old photo of my daughter for sale on some obscure site and it is Freaking. Me. Out.

  4. says

    I’m so sorry that happened to you. Thank you so much for posting that iProtect, it’s what I’ve been searching for. When searching on google under “how do I protect my images on wordpress?” your blog came up #4. In searching for info on watermarking your images I discovered a thing called content scraping where people or bots steal your content and images!

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