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Hypercolor .. this stuff is pretty cool

A few weeks ago Chris and I were walking through Ulta and I saw this:


I’m all like WHAT WHAT!??!?

Didn’t I have a shirt that was “hypercolor” in the 80s?

And of course it was calling me to test it out. Unfortunately it wasn’t like the shirt where it changes color in the sun, BUT it was still fun.  You sorta run your hair along the compact, which is a chalky base. I know they SAY in that advertisement there “It’s not Chalk” but it was pretty much chalk.

It went on really easily but the downside was that my fingers were multicolored when I was done.


I didn’t buy any, but it had instructions that basically said you can hair spray it and it stays in your hair all day.

For the record, it washed out just fine later that night and I have blonde hair.  Each color compact was $12, which means the downside is that if you want a rainbow it’s gonna cost you a small fortune. Maybe they will come out with a palette.  Or I could just try my daughters sidewalk chalk.

Just thought I would share for those of us that love this kind of thing.

Now I am going to google hypercolor shirts to see if they still exist…Charlotte totally has to get one.


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  1. That looks pretty cool! I think the shirts are still around. I loved mine! My dad was anti-hypercolor shirts. As a parent, I can see why now.

  2. I love the rainbow, but yeah they need a rainbow in one or something. That would be too pricey otherwise.

  3. My daughter got something similar called hair chalk for Xmas – i believe my mom found it in the toy section at Target for about $15? It doesn’t seem like it worked as well as your’s, we had to heat it a little to get it going, but it was multiple colors in the package. It lasted a few days until we washed her hair, but did fade a little. Being 5, she loved it

  4. I totally want a pink streak and I am too chicken (you know my hair) to do anything with chemicals. I am gonna have to try this out. I needed an excuse to go to Ulta anyway.

  5. I loved those hyper color tshirts!!!

    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  6. It looks pretty cute! I think it would be a good compromise if the kids want to try it since there’s not a lot of commitment, being that it washes out easily.

  7. I’m not sure how I’d feel about that outside of Halloween but I know if Kaydee ever saw it she’d be begging up and down to put a streak of color in her hair.

  8. I would totally do this if I had hair. That is so cute!

  9. That’s so cute! I don’t know that it’s worth $12 a compact, but still cute.

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