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I about lost my *beep*

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We recently had new neighbors move in. I am sure they are very nice people but their dog gets out every single day. And by every day, I mean EVERY day. He isn’t a little dog either, he is a full on 150 pound dog, covered in red mud clay that he dug out from under the fence. The first time my sitter Rachel brought him home. The second time, maybe 15 minutes later, I brought him home. The next day I brought him home again. The next day Sandi brought him home (a neighbor across the street). He is trying to get into our garages and our houses and quite honestly, because he is a dog I do not know well, the kids cannot play with him wandering around so blatantly in my yard.

And every time I bring him home they throw him int he backyard to come right back out again.

So today when I went outside and saw my 8 foot hibiscus plants destroyed I LOST it.

He dug up my plants, my garden and under my air conditioner.




For the record, that is not our shoe laying there either.

So I stomp over to the dogs house and bang on the door when a 6 year old answers. First, I would kill Charlotte for answering the door alone and she is 2 years older.  I demand to see an adult. The only ‘adult’ there is a half asleep 18 year old who comes stumbling down the stairs at her own pace rubbing her eyes. As I am standing there telling her that their dog is terrorizing my house and I already called animal control but the next step is the police, all she could say was “That is how we feel about him too.”

I said this dog is YOUR PROPERTY. I do not want to find him in my yard AGAIN.

Listen y’all, I have pets. I have 5 cats and a dog.

And sometimes my dog gets out and takes off 4 streets over and you know what we do? We go get him.  I take calling animal control very seriously but now they have even removed his collar and we think they are *hoping* someone takes him.

Are there any other steps I can take to keep this dog from tearing up my yard?


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  1. It drives me crazy when people don’t seem to care that their dogs get out and roam the neighborhood. And destroy things in the process. People like that should not even have pets. I don’t blame you for calling animal control.

  2. I can’t believe how irresponsible their being about their dog. And then to have him damage someone else preprty and even care or followup. Tsk

  3. I might try actually talking to a grownup that lives there at some point. It may be entirely possible the teenager is supposed to be taking care of the dog and they are completely unaware of the dogs behavior. That being said, yeah..animal control if you can’t get through to him. You never know when, nice dog or not, he might do something seriously harmful to a person or property (not that your hydrangea wasn’t serious enough)
    I don’t think I’m going to worry about our neighbors dog barking early a.m. and waking us up everyday any more.

  4. Michelle S says:

    Sometimes calling Animal Control is truly the right thing to do. I feel sorry for the dog as they clearly do not care about him or want him. As I’m sure you know, dogs need exercise and mental stimulation. Being dumped in a back yard certainly isn’t providing either of those things, so the dog is getting into trouble.

    Other than size, you didn’t give much information about the dog, but maybe you could talk to the neighbors and see how they feel about surrendering him to either Animal Control, a local no kill shelter, or even a smaller non-profit rescue. They could even try to find him a new home with someone capable and willing to take on a big guy that needs some training and positive reinforcement for his energy level.

    • I honestly dont KNOW much about the dog over his size and his wandering ability. He is really excitable. I did see him growl at one of the neighborhood boys when him and his mom was getting in the car, so that wasn’t good. I don’t think he is a bad dog, but he certainly has bad owners. I dont really know his breed, its hard to tell. A mix of some sort. Partly golden, party something else. Ill try to get a picture.

  5. Wow! I would be furious too! That is just crazy! Besides calling Animal control I would also make them pay for the damage done.

  6. I would lose it! Our neighbors at our old house used to let their small dog wander and that was bad enough. I’d be livid if a dog tore up my plants!

  7. Mindy S. says:

    My parents dug a 2-3? foot trench under the fence line and poured in concrete. Their dog was not an escaper but treasured and they wanted to keep him safe. You may have to get a judge to demand something like this to be done to their yard your your own childrens safety.

  8. Jenilee W. says:

    Next time he’s out, and without a collar, call animal control for a stray dog. When they get there let them know that you believe the animal to be your neighbor’s.

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