I am no Mr. Rogers

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We have some interesting neighbors.

Which is my polite way of saying they are nuts. No, No, I really mean it. We are talking drug deals, alcoholism, and domestic abuse. The thing is I don’t live in a bad place. You do not drive into my neighborhood and onto my street and think “lock the doors”. And although there are a few bad eggs, for the most part the street is quiet and the people are relatively nice.

But here’s the thing.

My husband is probably one of the most friendly and talkative people you will meet. If you get in a conversation with him, you better be prepared for a 20 minute driveway talk. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a really good thing, but over the years it has caused crazy neighbors to think we are their personal friends.

And we are not.

Currently they are living in their home without water or electricity. They let it go off and moved into a hotel to the tune of $287 a week because they didn’t want to “live with their grand kids” and thought that if they left, the kids would leave.  It’s THEIR home. But instead of just kicking them out or even calling the police, they leave and expect the “kids” to leave. (Kids = 25 year old adult males with no jobs or life)

The reality is that the kids just holed up there till all the utilities got turned off.

Now the neighbors came back.

And they have no water.

So who do they ask?


“Can we get a bucket of water from your hose?”

And he said of course, cause its the right thing to do. Except all weekend while we were on a nice birthday vacation, they were getting more and more buckets of water. There is one thing to ask for help one day and another to use someones utilities cause you refuse to turn on your own. So instead of getting in a confrontation with them, I taped up the hoses.





Yes, you can remove the tape if you really wanted to, but I figured they will find easier targets and get my very specific point to stop taking water.

In other neighbor news, the end of the street neighbors with the dog that was running wild, has found it a new home (presumably).

But not before it killed my hibiscus. Chris tried to replant it, but we think it just really damaged the roots.

Now the one on our left side of the house is tall and beautiful and the one on the right is dead.

We cannot sell this house and move quick enough.


Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    Neighbors can really suck! I had to transplant a bush and they go through shock but it may come back! Here’s hoping you sell soon!

  2. Jennifer says

    Oh my, your situation is way worse than ours and I swore we had bad neighbors… we just moved in our new house we bought in April. We love it besides the fact we have neighbors at all but our 5-10 year plan is to have a place in the country… well it’s going to be a long 5-10 years :) We have car people at the end of the short block that jam their music and work on cars 90% of the day, then next door to them, there is white trash. Now these names are the nicknames we have given them because, well, they are just fitting, so as long as we are clear. White trash have a dog that apparently they do not take care of and is not fixed because he escapes that backyard faster then they can put him in there… the first week we were here, it was raining and a little chilly but mom and dad sat in the car with the doors a little open. After they had been in there for maybe 30 minutes, we realized they had been in there awhile… lets just say they stumbled out and back up to the house in shorts and mom was wearing a teeny tank top and underwear. They have 3 kids, all school aged so it was nice when the kids went to school because you know someone was taking care of them, but now it is summer, so… who knows… About a month ago mom and dad sat out on the porch in their bare minimum clothing to call it clothed and then proceeded to lay down,. They must have passed out because the kids came home and just stepped over them to get into the house after school and neither parent moved… To top it off, they do not have any grass growing in their yard, only weeds, in which they proceeded to mow only with a weed wacker, then they watered… then a few days passed and they pulled out all the weeds. There is no attempt to actually grow grass but it still entertaining to watch them… a couple of weeks ago though, we topped it off by coming out to water and pull weeds with just a shower towel wrapped around dad’s waist, nothing but bare leg clear up and mom came out in her teeny tank top with no bra and tiny shorts with a towel on her head… this was the wits end, at what point is there some kind of dress code to leave your house to your front yard… oh and yes, they do have a privacy fenced in back yard… interesting thought of what could be going on back there!!! lol… I just try to mind my business but do get some free entertainment once in a while as a stay at home mom by just opening my front blinds… hahaha —-look out country living, here I come!!

  3. Christina says

    Ugh! We have two rentals (one in the cul-de-sac we live in and one across from us outside the cul-de-sac – we are the corner lot) owned by the same guy and get the worst neighbors in those two houses, otherwise we are very lucky and live in a great neighborhood (most of our closest neighbors have lived here 20-30 years and are the original owners). One house has been empty for about a year, but they’ve just started doing work in it so I’m afraid we have someone new coming. And the other house, we finally got some normal people in there… ended up that the oldest son is a friend of my nephews. Hopefully they stay a while.

    BTW – unless the hibiscus looks worse than the picture, I’d say don’t give up on it yet! We had one that torn up (also by someones dog) and it took a while (probably a lot longer because it was also hit by a hard freeze at the same time) but it came back! I was so shocked! Its still growing strong. Our hibiscus were gifts from my grandparents and my grandma loved them, so I cried over those silly bushes for days when the dog got them – they just remind me so much of my grandparents and spending time at their house growing up.

  4. Kathy says

    I feel your pain. We lived next to the neighbors from hell for 8 years. Mentally challenged Mom. Dad who spent his time (on disability) in bars playing pool. Four kids who ran wild. Two of them mentally challenged, and often outside naked. Oldest, a girl was 3-4 years older than our oldest, but a nice girl, who just craved “normal”. We had her over to our home many times for dinner. Until she got a little older, and became just as out of control as the rest of them. Very foul vulgar mouth. Next oldest, a boy was a juvenile delinquent. Stole from our garage and shed repeatedly. Peed in our bushes and yard. Shot at our house with bb gun. Ruined our trampoline by jumping on it with the cover still on. Keep in mind, we had a fenced yard. Liked to play with fire. Threw flaming objects at our house. Got so bad, we wouldn’t let our little girls play in the yard. We didn’t sleep at night, as one of us had to be on watch – lots of vandalism escalating. For years we had been calling the police and DHS. Neither was any help. One would just ask if we’d called the other. Then one day the police asked if we’d ever called the housing authority, as they owned the home. So I called. They asked me to write up a statement of complaints against our neighbors, and they needed it in one hour. I sat down and in 30 minutes I had 7 pages on a legal pad!! They ended up evicting the family, but they refused to move. Took several months before they got out. They moved to the opposite end of the town. And for the next year, the older boy would show up nearly everyday, just to let us know he was around!! It was awful!!! When the cleaning crews went into that house there was evidence of fires in the house, feces on the walls, pretty much TRASHED!!

    How those people kept their children is beyond me. We did eventually leave that neighborhood. I just felt we’d never get any peace, knowing that this boy was always going to be there, regardless of where he lived!!

    I hope things get better for you!!

  5. says

    Wow. I can’t even imagine. And thankfully I’ve been blessed with no crazy neighbors. Sometimes I wish some of them were more friendly but they aren’t rude or anything. People just kind of stick to themselves. I’ll take that over this any day. Yuck!

  6. ann says

    My best friend built a house on 4 acres in the middle of the woods. They still FIND you. the crazy neighbors that is. They just come through the woods. She has chased people on horses/ quads & bikes off her property. Then her one neighbor banned her kids from playing with her kids cause her 6 yr old did not want to play what her 3 yr old did. Seriously, there are so strange people in this world!

        • says

          Or even worse neighbors. :) LOL I have a $500,000 house next to me and across the street from them we have the “ghetto” house. Its a one bedroom and investors own it so you can guess the quality of people we’ve had in there so far that we’ve nicknamed it what we have. :)