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I am not sure this is what Jesus had in mind for the holidays.

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The other day we finally pulled out the Christmas decor. I was hell bent on not putting up a tree because I knew it would turn into Phoenyxs’ personal chew toy, but I was wrong.

The dog and the cat have been far worse.

The cat cannot live without giving the tree a daily shake down and the dog has eaten atleast a box worth of ornaments in two weeks time.

But truly it doesn’t matter.

You won’t find $100 ornaments hanging here. We are lucky if the tree even has one common theme. I tried to get all fancy a few years ago and do some girly pink tree but that is as close as we have come. It’s more or less a mismatch of after holiday ornament specials, hand me downs from the parentals, and a few collectables and handmade nicknacks along the way.

We have one thing that matches around here.

The Nativity Scene.

Two of them to be exact. My grandmother recently gave me hers.

You know…the one that she has had since I was a kid.

Which means it’s ancient.

So while we were putting up the ornaments, Charlotte wanted to get it all set up. As the only matching production in the house, its temporarily exciting. She totally abandoned me in tree decoration duty, but she is a really responsible child and there is very little that I will not let her do on her own. She cleared off the mantel successfully and started adding the nativity scene on it.

It looked fantastic and she was happy.

Then she went on to hanging everyones’ stockings.  We leave nails on the hearth year round so it should have been super easy. And it was. Until she finished hanging the very last one. And fell backwards. And grabbed the mantel. And hit Joseph.

Where upon Joseph flew out of the Nativity scene.

And hit the hardwood.

And busted into a lot of miniscule pieces that could not be glued back together.

Oh, but wait! We have TWO nativities now!

Quick to the rescue, daddy opened the 2nd nativity set to fulfill Joseph’s role with a new Joseph.

Except now our scene looks like Joseph is going to murder Mary.

Say your prayers….OR ELSE!

Then my husband couldn’t help himself -  “Good thing Mary was a Virgin”.



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  1. My nativity is the same…Joseph is MIA. I need to get a new one, but haven’t found one to replace him yet.

  2. We now have a cloth nativity scene that my mother-in-law made – she loves to sew. I think it was a great investment.

  3. Oh my goodness that’s hilariously cute!

  4. The cat ornament is just adorable. We have our tree in our dining room and the dogs aren’t allowed in there normally, so that’s not a problem for them.
    I feel so bad for Charlotte, she probably felt horrible about Joseph and I love your creative solution.
    Thank Chris for the great laugh. He has a great sense of humor.

  5. at least he didn’t grab a Ken doll or something else inappropriate :)

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