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I drive a gas guzzler.

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My first car was a 1978 Chevy Chevette hatchback. Cost me $500 and a ton of money insurance to my dad every month.

My second car, which I got my sophomore year in college, was a 1984 Nissan Maxima  I blew up the transmission on that car doing 75 down the interstate and hitting it into 2nd gear. Awesome.

Shortly after I bought a 1999 Mazda 626, which I graduated college with and it lasted beyond through marriage. I cannot even remember what happened to it. It eventually got traded in many years after it was paid off.

The month before Charlotte was born we bought our first new car. A brand new Ford Explorer in December 2004.

I happily paid it off after 6 years and have been driving it for the past 10 years. Gas has never really been a big issue for me. When I started college it was somewhere in the 98 cent range and when it started getting really bad, I was paying off my car so filling up the tank was still pennies in the back.

And now after 10 years I have finally bought a brand new vehicle this past friday.


ford explorer

Yep. I bought another Ford Explorer. I loved the first one, so why not?

Now I have rear air and usb ports so I am thrilled. I can promise you it is a huge upgrade from the 2003 edition.  On the downside, now every gallon of gas we put in this thing counts.

Stay at home mom

It’s ironic that they call it a “Stay at home mom” when, at least in this family, I am anything but. Between grocery store runs, vegetable stand runs, trips to the park, the gardens, the mall, the school, horseback riding lessons, my spouses work and everything in between, I am on the go more than I am at home.  Which is why when I am running the kids around I could use a few tricks and tips to save some money!

Here are a few quick tips that Discover shared with me that I wanted to share back with my audience. As a blogger voice for Discover the next few months, this is just part of the great ideas I will be sharing with you that will hopefully help some of you save some money!

Saving Tips for Moms On the Go!


And gas isn’t the only place you can save with right now! Back to school shopping may be long gone but fall is creeping up fast. I just shared some new fall outfits this week on Saturday  and it can take a bite out of your wallet if you need as much as I do!

A few more fantastic shopping tips courtesy of Discover:

  • Maintain a number of timeless “staple” pieces in your wardrobe that look great year round, and when you want to buy a trend piece, be sure it’s something that’s affordable and you’re OK with wearing it just a few times.


  • Whenever you’re shopping online, always try to find a coupon code or shop through an online mall that rewards you for your purchases. Some credit cards, including Discover, offer these online portals that give up to 20 percent Cashback on purchases made at top online retailers.
    • ShopDiscover, the exclusive shopping portal from Discover, offers cash back at stores like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Coach and Nordstrom. All you need to do is shop online through ShopDiscover.com!
  • Even if your favorite store has a less-than-great return policy, shopping with a credit card that protects your wallet regardless of the store policy is always a safe bet.

To learn more about Discover, you can head over and visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or at their homepage.

Do you have any great money saving tips as we go into fall you would like to share with MomDot readers? Feel free to add in the comments!



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  1. Great tips from Discover! Using a credit card with rewards is such an effortless way to save some money. I’m glad I have one! :-)

  2. Ohhhh pretty! Hubby was just looking at Explorers but the 50k price tag scared us away. There isn’t a car/suv out there we’d pay that much money for.

    P.S. I almost always shop online just because the coupon codes are so great.

    • 50K? Where were you shopping at? I paid 28….better than almost any SUV we looked at. Now I do not like leather in my cars. Chris does, but I dont, so we save some money on that. It has 3rd row seating and rear air though. I am going to install a DVD player as well for myself for Christmas (for the kids in the back). Looks like we BOTH got new cars this year!

  3. One tip I remember my driving instructor giving me years ago for saving money on fuel – was to keep your car load weight minimum. Meaning, do not drive around with a ton of unnecessary stuff in the boot (you call it trunk, lol). All that extra weight in the car drains your fuel. Likewise, don’t fill up your tank all the way to the top each time – that stuff is HEAVY! Here in the UK, our fuel costs the equiv. of USD $8 per gallon. I’ll take all the tips I can get!

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