I got the Baby!


Before anyone gets all excited, I am NOT pregnant! LOL!  “I got the Baby” is just a common expression heard around New Orleans this time of year.  Any idea why?

It’s Mardi Gras Season! And the only thing I look forward to more than the day off of work is King Cake….and lots of it!

Still confused?  Wikipedia will explain:

In southern U.S.A., the tradition was brought to the area by colonists from France and Spain. King cake parties in New Orleans are documented back to the eighteenth century.

The king cake of the New Orleans Mardi Gras tradition comes in a number of styles. The most simple, said to be the most traditional, is a ring of twisted bread similar to that used in brioche, also similar to the American cinnamon roll, topped with icing or sugar, usually coloured purple, green, and gold (the traditional Carnival colors) with food colouring. Some varieties have filling inside, the most common being cream cheese followed by praline. Popular bakeries such as Gambino’s, Haydel, and Randazzo, feature original recipes and types of king cakes

In the US Gulf Coast since the 1950s, the most common trinket has been a small plastic baby. Many people say this represents the baby Jesus, tied in to the connection with Epiphany.  It is a common practice in elementary and secondary schools to have king cake parties, usually on a Friday. The person who receives the trinket is required to bring the cake the following week.


Lily on her 3rd Birthday with her King Cake

In other words, King Cake is a sugary piece of heaven.  It is a seasonal dessert, so I generally rationalize my binging by telling myself that I can only get it for a limited time period, so I just HAVE to overload on the stuff.

I’m pretty sure it is my duty as a New Orleanian.

Do you want to throw a King Cake Party at your office or school?  You can purchase a King Cake and have it shipped right to your door.  But, if you get the baby, you are required to send one to ME.

Which I will share…with no one.

Happy Mardi Gras!



  1. Jessica NBP says

    The office did last year. I’m not sure about this year. I liked it, was the first time I ever had it.

    Jessica NBP’s last blog post..Movie: Inkheart

  2. April says

    But don’t forget…..King Cake is NOT a 100 calorie snack! So good but SOOOOO dangerous!

    April’s last blog post..Think Think Thursdays

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