I’m a Proud Bostonian

I’m from Boston.  Born and raised.  I have lived here my whole life.  I love my city (or as we refer to it as “town”).  As much as I would love to live in a warmer climate- this is my home.  These are my roots.

What happened yesterday at the marathon has shook me to the core.

As I’m sure it has many people.

Yesterday was a State holiday here in Massachusetts.  Patriots Day.  It’s our day to remember the battle of Lexington and Concord and the beginning of the Revolutionary War which all began right here in Boston.  Being a State holiday, all state agencies are closed.  Its the start of Spring Break for the kids here.  And the Boston Marathon takes place every Patriots Day.

The Boston Marathon is always a family event.

I personally have never attended the Marathon- I’m just not fond of the crowds.  I do however, know plenty of people who do go as spectators, runners, and workers.  I work in the Operating Room at a hospital just south of the city, so plenty of my co-workers work the medical tents.  I also have family who are police officers who work the event as well.



Those are the only words I can use to describe my feelings about yesterday.

My brother and my dad, who are both police officers, were at the scene.  My dad was at the finish line and my brother was close to the second blast.  You can imagine my relief when I heard they were both OK.  My brother had called me a couple hours after to tell me he was fine.  Cell phone service had been cut off.  To my relief, all my friends were also accounted for.

I feel very blessed and fortunate.

But, let me tell you something about Bostonians.

We are very proud.

We are very strong.

We are a very tough breed of people.

We usually walk into a place like we own it.  We unite stronger than ever in times of crisis and in times of joy (like when our sports teams win).  We are always willing to run into danger to help fellow citizens (as clearly demonstrated yesterday).  What happened yesterday will not stop us.  It will not bring us down.  We will not crumble into a million pieces.

This is OUR town.

And we will stand strong and proud.

I’m a Proud Bostonian.

~Miss Blondie

– guest blogger for MomDot.


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    Great post. Prayers and hugs to Boston….. so many came to help which is the best thing to see, that at least people are trying to help others move on. Such a sad thing to have happened.

  2. says

    Stay strong. I’m so glad you and your family are ok. I had 4 friends from high school there. One had just crossed the finish line when the blast went off.

    I hope they figure out the who and why.

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