The measurements make the man…

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Our family is no stranger to custom clothing.

I have been buying Charlotte custom made dresses for years and Chris has tested out custom shirts (still one of his favorites!). There is something so nice about being able to pick garments from the ground up, from patterns to sizing, fit to flare, you can feel like it’s all your own. While its not necessary in day to day wear, it is nice for those special moments and for men, that often includes work clothing and having a great suit.

Now Chris isn’t the type of guy that has to wear a suit to work.

He does wear dress pants and button ups daily, but suits would likely be an overkill in his office. That being said, he personally loves to dress up so having a great suit in the closet is a must for him.  So when Indochino Custom Suits offered to let him create a complete custom suit and share the process, he was more than willing.

Truth be told, he was actually really excited about it!

About Indochino Suits

Indochino is the leader in custom online menswear. We provide the modern gentleman with high quality menswear that fits your body perfectly. Our quick 10 minute measurement process can be done from the comfort of your own home; no tailor required. All of our products are hand tailored and delivered to any part of the world within 6 weeks. Indochino makes it easy and affordable for customers to get custom tailored menswear for a look that is professional, fashionable and truly sophisticated.

Ordering a Custom Suit: The Process

The process was pretty simple from beginning to end. Once you have selected the type of suit you want, you can go in and customize each detail down to the stitching. The site helps assist you along the way in most popular recommendations, tips, and you can go to more options to add even more extras like places for pens, button holes, pocket types and more.

Chris had a pretty easy time picking out what he wanted, down to the custom quote he added inside his suit lining, but if I had to pick any issue we had, it was finding real world examples of some of the options. Under the lining they had pop ups that showed the colors in an actual suit, but when it came to finding pictures on how different jacket button styles, vents, and lapels we had to go searching through the entire site to look for examples on our own. I would say if you are not experienced with so many suit options, it can be a challenge to know what looks good without that picture.

Ideally I would love to see the site have an example pop up when you are selecting.

Made to you Measurements

Measurements were surprisingly easy as well.

I have to admit the measurements made me a little nervous.

Indochino does a fantastic job with the measurements in providing video that actually gives you a short tutorial on where the measurements should start on the body and lead to. This was especially helpful when it came to shoulders and arms. The whole process for measuring took under 10 minutes.  I do suggest that you have a second party to help you (it would be pretty difficult to measure shoulders and inseam alone) and pick someone that you are comfortable touching you in places that are mostly only on limits to spouses.

 I am looking forward to seeing how our measurements turn into a custom suit for him. Like should we have added a few more millimeters in the inseam even if it didn’t measure that way? Will the jacket be snug or perfect? It was actually during this process that he had just finished with his tux measurements for Mardi Gras. We discovered the company we bought from gave him a shirt that was way too big for him and he ended up taking it back as a result of our measurement process on our own for Indochino. Once you start looking for clothes that actually fit you instead of guessing on the sizing, you realize where there is extra slack and space that shouldn’t be there.

Suit Customizations

Chris tossed back and forth between the Navy and the Charcoal suit for 2 days. He finally went with The Essential Charcoal Suit, which was $379. That way he has some color outside of slick black, but has the versatility of being used in almost any situation.  He went with some of the recommendations of Indochino and kept it safe with Notch Lapels, one vent, and two buttons on the jacket. He did line his jacket with purple and added a custom quote to make it really unique to him.

In the next few weeks, when our suit arrives, we will be back with the quality of the material, if our measurements panned out and how it fits, and if we have a solid recommendation for this site.

Have you ever bought custom clothing?


*Indochino provided a gift card in order to go through the custom suit process and facilitate the article

Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. says

    I’ve never bought custom clothing, but my mother was a seamstress so she did make clothes for me that were tailored to my frame. It was great especially when I was a teenager. Even now that I have happily married baby weight hanging on she helps to tailor my clothes when they don’t fit just right.

    My husband does need a new suit or two and this sounds like a great and actually not that expensive way to get a perfectly fitted suit. I can’t wait to hear about your final fitting results.

  2. says

    I can’t wait to see the result. I wanted to buy Tim a suit for Christmas and came *THIS* close to buying one from Indochino. But I chickened out!

  3. says

    I really like that there is a tutorial on how to measure. I would be worried I (or my husband) would get that incorrect. Looking forward to hearing how it fits.