Jelly the Pug


I was first shown this amazing designer on my daily Zulily run. I quickly ran a search and found Jelly the Pug. All of these dresses are adorable!

About Jelly the Pug:

I started Jelly the Pug in 2007 in my living room! I was very disappointed by the garments I saw on the shelves at stores.    It was all the same stuff.   I decided to create my own clothing for my children.    I was really surprised that I was stopped everywhere I went and was asked by moms where I bought them.    I made them for friends and neighbors and then started selling them online.    Eventually boutiques were banging on my door.    I was so overwhelmed with orders I couldn’t keep up.

In 2010, with the help of many friends, I have put together a team to be able to offer them for wholesale and retail sales.

We offer consistent quality to our valued customers.  We will continue to share the excitement of our line with as many children as possible and to reclaim my living room from bolts and bolts of fabric!

I ordered some of the gorgeous clothing from this line. A skirt and a dress!:

But I am so in love with this line too!

Hard to pick, hard to pick!!

(and as a sidenote, this little girl is so stinkin cute)

I hope my green dress and skirt are as beautiful in person as they are online, which I am sure they will be. Ill update with  pictures of Charlotte in them once they arrive and let you know the quality and all that jazz.

In the mean time, head over. Cute photography, easy to navigate site, and worth a look if you are hunting for something special.





  1. Lis says

    I just bought for the first time on and they sells Jelly the pug made in Pakistan and the material is very rough. Fake! Now they don’t want to give my money back.

    • says

      Yes its a heavy material, but this is not uncommon for a boutique brand. They are one of many boutique brands that use the stronger heavier material. If you want something soft, try an organic brand?

  2. Heidi F says

    I would be careful buying Jelly the Pug apparel. They have several lawsuits against them for copyright infringement, including stealing other pattern designers patters as well as copying other designers fabrics and printing them themselves (which is a HUGE no no!). Their fabrics are not great quality and feel rough. And everything is made in Pakistan. The pattern on the top is the Feliz pattern and it was stolen from the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book by Nancy Langdon.

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