Jewelry trends to set the English summer ablaze!

With the clouds and shivering winter out of the way, now is the perfect time to show off the perfect skin that stayed hidden beneath the layers of clothing for most part of the year. But wait; don’t you think your skin deserves some special attention this summer, a little bling to highlight the sensuous tones of your skin? Well if you do, then the perfect way to do it is with the right fashion jewelry. And if you have no clue where to begin, this simple guide is all you need to get your bling on! So let’s dive in, and see what innovation we can put in to look fabulous this summer.

Chained all the way

Over the years bracelets and rings and other wrist wear have become a bit too common. But of course, it doesn’t mean we have to ditch them altogether – there is always room for improvement. Just add a bling chain to your accessory and it instantly becomes modern and attractive. Take hand chains for instance, these unique accessories act both as a chic bracelet and as a stylishly modern summer accessory.  Donned now by some of the most popular youth pop stars, hand chains make you feel young and special as well.

Another brilliant way to add chains into your old fashioned jewelry is by linking them with your rings. And not just your usual rings, but your knuckle rings. Yes, you heard it right; the trend that’s in for this summer is wearing rings above the knuckles. Just get the usual ring of a smaller size than what you usually wear and don them above you finger knuckles. And as a final touch link two rings on alternate fingers by a classic chain. Now you’re all set to turn heads in any occasion.

Jewelry for the perfect beach body

Summer is not just freedom for the hands but for the entire body as well. So why restrict yourself from wearing jewelry over the whole body? It doesn’t necessarily have to be too showy, it can be subtle and at the same time extremely hot as well. Alex from Angelic Diamonds suggests considering body chains for instance – perfect for bikini wear and for those naught see-through crop tops, body chains go a long way to turn your ordinary looks into irresistible.

Summer jewelry for the party woman

For night parties and evening hangouts, focusing on the hands or your body for accessorizing may not be logical. Instead focus on the few places where a lot of looks do fall upon, like your neckline and ears. Ditch the old fashioned statement necklaces and switch over to the more easy to wear delicate necklaces. Not only are they lightweight but are also quite comfortable, in case if you’re in the mood for some hard partying. The enormous range available also makes them a good fashion accessory to start with. Trendy earrings also play their part in completing your new summer look. So don’t forget them, get earring of cuffs and clips type that subtly point out from the earlobes. So go ahead, use the style guide, prepare up for the summer and set the streets on fire.


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