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Just B. A Baby

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In my house, probably like yours, we have toys everywhere.


Oh, did I say everywhere?

But we don’t always have quality toys and yes, it makes a difference when you are talking about toys worth your hard earned cash.

B. Toys

Recently I had an opportunity to test out some B, Toys. I am sure you have seen them at Target before, there is an entire aisle of these bright, well made, and adorable toys that run the gambit of creative play.

Phoenyx’s Opinion

Little P basically says that anything he can push, pull, touch, chew on, or otherwise wrap his hands around, he is game.

Two thumbs and gums up from him.

P is playing with Fish and Splish

Charlotte Says

While Charlotte isn’t the actual age group that these particular toys target, because they are more creative and personal play toys that are not marketed seen as just “baby” toys, she was more than comfortable taking the our captain, fish, and boat to the beach for a spin.

The Captain encountered a hurricane…it was some rough seas out there…arrggh….

Mom’s Opinion

That would be me, if you didn’t know.

Honestly, I am so used to seeing toys that are poorly made or are one season wonders that get thrown in the closet in 2 weeks, that I was pleasantly surprised at the beauty these toys had. The boat set, for example, was fun enough for a boy or a girl, a beach or a tub, a playroom or a bedroom.

I always ask myself

“Would I buy this toy for a gift for someone else?”

My answer here is yes.

B. Toys also sent us the Alphaberry, but its age group is 18 months to 5 years, which falls above and below my own kids. I cant give you their thoughts on it, but I do like that its a teaching toy, it lights up, and it shares the Alphabet. Again it also feels and looks quality, but I can’t comment on the usefulness of it for another 11 months.


What toys do you find your kids playing with the most in your house?


*toys provided by B. Toys to facilitate this article

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  1. That boat is super cute. My kids would ALL love it. They’re 3, 5, & 7.

  2. Just slightly beyond P’s age my daughter LOVED her Rody Pony! It’s soft and fun to slobber on when they are little, and at 3 she still plays on it daily bouncing around our playroom:)

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