Question of the day: Kids and Motorcycles

Would you ever…in your entire life….drive your child to school on a motorcycle?

I’m sorry the picture is so bad (I don’t have one of those fancy iPhones y’all have) but this was outside dropping Charlotte off at school today and I thought it was a very interesting subject.

I would say this girl was somewhere in the 8-9yr old range.

I am not sure if I could ever be this liberal of a parent. I don’t even like Charlotte checking the mail alone, much less throw her on the back of a motorcycle.

Helmet…or no helmet.

Then again, as a parent of an only child, I may be slightly overprotective.

Would you?



  1. says

    I personally wouldn’t put my child on the back of a motorcycle however I can’t knock someone that uses one as their primary means of transportation.

    Seems extremely dangerous but odds are the kid is used to it.

  2. says

    I don’t care for motorcycles but my husband loves them. In this situation, he could be a single dad and being a “guy” like my husband, he probably thinks nothing of it. Me, I am overprotective to and my children all ride to school in my SUV or car.

  3. annie mac says

    No way! My father was killed as another driver hit him while he was riding a motercycle. If he would have been in a car I still would have him today. I just think it is not worth the risk.

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