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Question of the day: Kids and Motorcycles

Would you ever…in your entire life….drive your child to school on a motorcycle?

I’m sorry the picture is so bad (I don’t have one of those fancy iPhones y’all have) but this was outside dropping Charlotte off at school today and I thought it was a very interesting subject.

I would say this girl was somewhere in the 8-9yr old range.

I am not sure if I could ever be this liberal of a parent. I don’t even like Charlotte checking the mail alone, much less throw her on the back of a motorcycle.

Helmet…or no helmet.

Then again, as a parent of an only child, I may be slightly overprotective.

Would you?



  1. No, I wouldn’t. I don’t like the idea of my kid being so open to traffic! I’m a carseat maniac anyway

  2. I personally wouldn’t put my child on the back of a motorcycle however I can’t knock someone that uses one as their primary means of transportation.

    Seems extremely dangerous but odds are the kid is used to it.

  3. I don’t care for motorcycles but my husband loves them. In this situation, he could be a single dad and being a “guy” like my husband, he probably thinks nothing of it. Me, I am overprotective to and my children all ride to school in my SUV or car.

  4. annie mac says:

    No way! My father was killed as another driver hit him while he was riding a motercycle. If he would have been in a car I still would have him today. I just think it is not worth the risk.

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