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Knitworks, Tutu Cute for Big Sale at Kohls!

This weekend I walked into Kohls with a full intention for some personal retail therapy. I didn’t walk out with anything…for myself.

Charlotte however managed to score 3 pair of leggings, 3 shirts, and this adorable outfit from Knitworks that included leggings, a faux coat, shirt, and faux skirt in one.

I have never heard of this brand before but I just *lurve* it!

Charlotte is often sensitive to pettiskirt or tutu tulle touching her skin while she is playing, so the leggings that came with the entire outfit really resolved that.

A 2 piece set and originally $40, its on sale right now in several styles and colors for only $24.

Here are two other Knitworth outfits I really like but didn’t purchase {don’t put it past me to go back}, but rest assured, if you are interested, they have more than just pink available.

Pink just happens to be my mantra….

($24 right now on sale)

And I mean really…could Charlotte be ANY cuter?

I think not.


btw, you can make your own tutu here

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  1. I love these also. My daughter has two. Be careful with any that have a print on the tutu portion. I accidentally dried one which had a leopard print. Now any time it goes in the washing machine, more of the print comes off. I figure it will be entirely off by Christmas, since we wear it once a week, just in time for Santa to bring more.

  2. I love the aqua outfit! I noticed in the pumpkin carving picture the other night. Can’t believe it’s from Kohl’s. I thought for sure it was a botique brand or something. Thanks for sharing!! Oh and yes, Charlotte rocks it well!

  3. She is so cute! I need to get these for my nieces since you know I don’t think Jeff or Owen would appreciate me dressing Owen up in them lol.

  4. Too cute… Charlotte seems to really like the outfit.
    I really like the pink one and I bet Chris would, too! :-)

  5. Very cute!!

  6. That is SUCH a pretty color on Charlotte!

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