Life Changing Strawberry Trick! (no, not with a straw!)

On the internet there are a great deal many tips, tricks, hacks and ideas. And recently there is one floating around about hulling a strawberry with a straw (get it..straw..strawberry..not sure if that is on purpose) and while the tricks works fantastically, who the heck ever has a STRAW around? The only time I have a straw is if I have pulled through a fast food restaurant and in which case eating strawberries is the furthest thing from my mind.

I am probably eating fries. Or Frosties.

In any case, the trick is a good one but in my opinion, not practical for every day usage, so here is a modified version that will CHANGE YOUR STRAWBERRY EATING LIFE. 

No more cutting half the strawberry off, no more…well…cutting at all (if you don’t want).

How to Hull a Strawberry

All you do is take the end of a round utensil.

In my case I used a spoon as that is what I have. Position at the bottom of your strawberry and push through middle.

Strawberry Trick that changes your life, how to hull a strawberry with no knife (or straw!)



Worried about how hard it will be to push through the strawberry? Its really super easy! Check it out:


Strawberry Trick that changes your life, how to hull a strawberry with no knife (or straw!)



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