Little Girls……..and thongs

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First of all, if you visiting my site from having looked up something totally inappropriate from google, you should be using this.

Little Girls….and thongs

Did that get your attention? Its not surprising that little girls want to wear thongs. With the amount of makeup thrown on Bratz dolls and the ultra bulimic Tini Puppini, we have taken dress up pretend play to everyday reality.

Today at the park, there were two girls running around. They had to be no older then 12, but I would put them at 11. First off, the little girl (whose face I have covered) and her friend were playing on the swings and spinning around and the girl fell backwards and her legs were stuck over the side and her entire pants AND underwear CAME OFF.. I felt SO bad for her. The girl had to untwist her to get her pants up first.

While that was an accident (and should teach her about wearing PJs to the park) when the other girl got up to play and we saw her Gstring hanging out the back, I about died.

G string?

For an 11/12 year old? Oh, HELL no.

Who finds this even remotely appropriate? Its no wonder old perverted men look at little girls wrongly…they are wearing adult clothing and parading it around out the back of their pants.

And the irony of the Tinkerbell shirt paired with the “matching” hot pink G string is killing me.

Would you let you’re child wear this or am I just too conservative?


ps for the record, I was a lot further then these pictures indicate and this was a background shot that I cut out of the picture and it zooms it..its a 10 meg camera, so you can be far and get up close….this should be a lesson to parents who let their kids wear one cares or notices if you take pictures at the park, so dress your kids appropriately. In this case, I cut out the girls face wearing the thong but in the real shot, you can see her. And yes, this is actually legal and no, it’s not “porn”…but isnt that the point?



Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Mr PIMP says

    I’ll take a 16 year old with a perfect booty to ride me all day long and also let me tap her tush!

  2. raskue says

    thongs have been around for a long time did you know monks wear thong like underwear including the females in the old days these female monks wore only bandages to support there breasts you can see this in both chinas an japan history the fact people in America get all worked up by the smallest of things is silly if you have payed attention in history class you would know of such things from countries past an guess what its the norm my future kids if they wana wear thongs i wont stop them

  3. Marcus Ramirez says

    I think it’s legal in Europe for an underage girls to wear thong bikinis.

  4. J.G. says

    I’ve been to brasil a few times already and I can say that young girls in thongs and mini bikinis is normal there. it is the culture of sun and relation at the beach wearing tiny bikinis. it depends where you live and how old fashioned some people are. do I agree with it ? its not my business. I like a thong on a girl or women. some men wear thongs too. should they be shamed ? just my thoughts. I wouldn’t mind meeting the mom who posted the pic. hahahah jokinggggggg. thanks for letting me have my say.

  5. Ispeakthetruth says

    …Is this a serious post? The blogger’s a mom, right? So…. doesn’t that basically null and void any authority on sexual purity (or whatever you want to call it) that she might otherwise have if she was, say, a nun or something? Yes. Pretty sure I’ve been to biology class.

    Sad thing is that there’s no such thing as a little girl anymore, or sexual purity. There are girls out there at twelve, wearing what they want to and getting fucked like it’s completely normal. Because, sadly, it is normal. At what point does it become acceptable for them to act like that? How old? Exactly? And, why? There’s no answer.

    • Joe says

      I cannot tell if you are being pessimistic or optimistic… Bad joke; apologies.

      I’ve been to “biology class” as well, and I’m pretty sure there *is* a biological minimum we call puberty, or menarche if you prefer. I’m Not to say *sex play* cannot or does not happen -heck, there is evidence that a fetus may masturbate still in the womb (don’t think about that too much, moms)… But the latency stage -or stage of competence, if you prefer- is real under normal circumstances, and seems to be an important part of healthy development.

      All the word “normal” refers to is majority or average. There is a “normal” and it can be applied to anything on which data can be gathered. “Normal” does not refer to “optimum” or “best” or “right” … There are countless examples throughout history of things becoming normal, being normal, then falling out of favor, which we would today call abhorrent -some still going on, even systematically, in some places or venues. The simple fact of the matter is that sexual activity at that age is *NOT* normal, and can be more strongly argued not optimal, best, or right.

      Aside from warmth, part of the reason for clothing is to limit sexual competition in order to promote social cooperation… If you feel like looking around, you may find that it is thought a woman’s breasts develop the way they do to resemble their derriere, which looks roughly the same no matter your age (well…). It would probably be less confusing to the lizard brain or the emotionally / behaviorally unstable to let little girls run around shirtless than to allow them to expose or highlight a part of the body which will *somewhere* in the observer’s brain elicit feelings of sex and domination -two concepts which have no business attached to children.

      Opinion is opinion because it exists beyond the fuzzy edges of unproved facts and is contingent upon too many variables to be understood… Or, it is a category mistake and an error in framing. When confronted with reliable estimations of correlation or causality, it isn’t an issue of opinion.

      Please refer yourself to a developmental psychologist or similarly educated professional

  6. Jared says

    Okay, wrap this up into a bundle to end this dispute. Personally, I don’t like the idea of pedophiles, my father was one, but I do believe in freedom of expression and the constitution. And no, that does not go in to affect when you turn 18, that is for all United states citizens, even from birth. But this is no more or less of a problem than the question, “Why is killing human beings considered wrong, yet the slaughter of bovine is completely acceptable?” or “Why is it okay to execute killers? It is murder either way, just because you use pretty words like execute or make it government sanctioned does not change that” The answers are purely ethical viewpoint. It all comes down to primal nature, eat, sleep, mate, repeat. We all have the primitive urge to be naked, we fight it if it is deemed necessary. From a psychological view, most pedophiles do not just go after children because they find them sexy. Yes there is a correlation between what children wear and how pedophiles attack them more, you are a fool if you think otherwise. But what it comes down to in reality is this. Most pedophiles are pent up sexually, they need to relieve that frustration, so they go after children because they know they can over power them, then say there are two little girls, one in jeans and panties, the other in a G-string and tiny skirt, the pedophile will migrate toward the one whose clothing would supply less resistance. So I am drawn both directions, but if I had to choose a direction I would go for free expression, yes adults are going to look at the children, but as mentioned by a few of you before me this is nothing new. It has happened since the dawn of time. We as adults have to take responsibility and live by our codes of ethics. If an adult rapes a child, that is on that adult, not the child. Those my friends, are the plain and simple facts.

    • Bas says

      Man, you’re not well-informed. I’m a Dutch male, 36 years of age. I’ve NEVER seen underaged children wearing thong on a beach in Europe. It’s NOT accepted in europe for children to wear thong bikini on the beach. Even adults wearing a thong on the beach, many reactions will follow and you can bet, all men and woman will be giggling about you and pointing at you

      Please dress appropiate and do NOT show your ass unasked in public. Nobody is interested.
      Why would you feel the urge to SHOW YOUR ASS in public?
      Exobitionisme. Your ass is no different from the 25billion female asses that are at this world :-)

      You allow your kid to wear thongs at the age of 10 and make here feel sexy. Don’t be shocked when she’s pregnant at 16…

      • Clyde says

        There is no correlation between wearing thongs at 10 and getting pregnant at 16. So you are saying somehow a 10 year old wearing a thong is going to get knocked up in her teens? Also in Europe they are a bunch of thong bikini wearers…guess you never been to Spain or France. Just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t make it true.