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Sleeping like a baby….

My son has to be the most spoiled person in this house.

Before he was born he had organic sheets and soft as a pillow blankets and a reversible mattress that went from newborn to toddler stages. Then again, Chris and I have the iComfort By Serta and Charlotte’s rocking a Temperpedic, so you can tell we take sleep ultra serious in this house. And while it’s fine and dandy to have an amazing mattress, without amazing sheets, it’s like having a sports car in the driveway without wheels. To truly get a good nights sleep you need to start from the ground up on the mattress but end with fine linens.

Now I have had beds with luxurious sheets and I have had sheets with 100 thread count. If you are wondering the difference, it’s pretty much like sandpaper vs a pillowy cloud of loveliness. There are few words of wisdom I can pass down in today’s age, but if someone had to ask me a tip of life, I would absolutely say get a fantastic mattress the first time out and get even better sheets. You cannot put a price tag on the place you spend the majority of your life in bed.

With all that in mind, I wanted to introduce you to a company that  can help you start the year off right with good sleep:

Introducing FRETTE

Home of luxury bedding sets, fine linens, and hotel collections, this is a great place to start your search for your beauty sleep. Starting in 1860, Frette is a leading company for the providing of some of the worlds hotels finest and top quality linens.

Some of my favorites?

The Millionaire Silver (half off right now too!):

Or indulge in a classic with the Linen Collection:

Look closer….

Actually, we both know that is a lie because its missing the 5 cats, dog, and two kids. But that isn’t the point….don’t those beds make you want to crawl in them? If they do, you should hit up the sale!

So tell me….what kind of sheets do you have now?

Have you ever invested in really nice bed linens?


 *proud to facilitate this sponsored article and conversation about bedding.


  1. InkBlotMom, Kim says:

    Love those!! They look soooo comfy!! Love your stick figure drawing too, ha! :-)

  2. That Millionaire Silver bedding is GORGEOUS! Come to mama!

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