Mardi Gras Ball!

conde cavaliers
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Friday night Chris and I went to the Mardi Gras Ball. I had never been to one before so I am not sure what I expected. It was quite interesting. Having went now I can say that it wasn’t terribly boring, but it wasn’t overly exciting….I guess it just was.

For those of you not familiar with Mardi Gras festivities, the month kicks off with parades here in Mobile (the birthplace of Mardi Gras). Each parade is hosted by a Krewe and on many occasions those Krewes hold balls in celebration after the parades. We attended the Conde Cavaliers Ball, which started just an hour or so after the parade had ended that night.

We rented a room at The Battlehouse. The ball wasn’t supposed to end till 2 and was open bar so we wanted to be responsible regarding coming home. Our room conveniently stood directly over the start of the parade. We watched the floats from the warmth of our room while we got ready.

Which basically meant we stood in the window and flashed guests.

Hey..its Mardi Gras.

Totally acceptable.

Then off to the party.

This is what I look like without baby puke on my shoulder and a pony tail in my hair…

Basically the way the ball went was that it was hosted at the Mobile Bay Civic center. We watched about an hour and a half of “call outs” for the court. That means they call out the names of each Krewe and what float they were in charge of.  Think “Krewe H with Great Balls of Fire!” and then a bunch of men, many which were dressed very Three Musketeers (and of course their lady escorts),

came dancing out to various Pop and Rap songs.

Initially this was quite entertaining as there is nothing more fun than watching a 75 year old man and his wife break it down to Yeah! by Usher while throwing fake money in the air. However, after about 30 minutes of that, it got kinda old.

What didn’t get old though was people watching. The dresses that women chose to wear were astounding. I saw everything from bowling ball cleavage, to entire see through dresses on the front (honey, stop looking!), to shower curtain pink lamé designs.

Being classy is clearly not always born into women.

At one point I stepped out to use the restroom and there were two ladies in the hall loudly talking about their fake breasts and one side being larger and touching each other to showcase their points.

If you do this…please don’t. Keep that talk for personal friends. It was really tacky…although it def peaked my spouses interest when I was telling him….as well as every man in the hall that was walking by at the same time.

Eventually it was time for the Queen to dance with her escort and her costume was beautiful.

Sadly for her, a FIGHT broke out on the dance floor…DURING HER DANCE…amongst the Krewes. We think it initially started between a woman and a man, but it basically ended in a mob on the floor and police were rushing out. Then some chick kept getting up in another chicks face and it led to handcuffs and being taken out of the arena. The entire time the Queen was still dancing.

I felt pretty badly for her.

Once that ended, boredom started again but it wasn’t long before we were allowed to go down and eat. They had open bar all around the event set up in individual rooms and while you were assigned to a room, you could pretty much go in and out of anywhere you wanted. The key to the entire thing was to find the secret rooms in the back where all the good food, dessert, and better music was playing.

We called it quits around midnight and took a limo back to the hotel…just for fun.

Overall it was nice to have a “date” with my husband.

Although a VERY expensive one.


  • Tux Rental $100
  • Dress Cost $116
  • Downtown Hotel $180
  • Hair $40
  • Tickets $80
  • Shoes $60
  • Cab Costs $20
  • Overnight Sitter $100

TOTAL: Almost $700

Would I go again?

Not to this particular ball. Honestly the fight scenario, while being one of the most interesting things of the night, was a turn off. I don’t want to put out that kind of money to have to worry about police officers and drunk men. I also thought the organization was a bit weak and it felt more like I paid to watch the Krewes get drunk and party more than being involved.

But atleast my hair looked good.

And as a mom…you can’t ask for much more than that.


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  1. Maggie says

    I remember that night very well. I am very sorry your experience was not a great one. I would ask you to give the Conde’s another chance though. That whole fight “scene” is not normal nor tolerated.

    FYI that’s my dad that you took the picture of…

  2. Brandon says

    I’m sorry your experience at the ball was not what you expected or payed for, this is not we want our guest to experience. The Conde Cavaliers were not represented in the best light that night. But I would love to have you and your husband again at our ball. I would be glad to provide the tickets for the 2013 ball. We are mobile finest and I will make sure we live up to that. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • sheila davis says

      where can you purchase ticketrs for 2013 ball and get information about dates and costs? thanks..sheila