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“My Grandma’s Maytag couldn’t do THAT!”

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This months theme “My Moms Maytag Couldn’t do that” fits perfectly in my lifestyle. As you know I am a Maytag Mom and have been working to let you know all the new features on my Maytag appliances. If you missed any past posts, you can read them here:

Now why does that theme work so well, Trisha? Well, because I cant even remember HAVING a dishwasher growing up. The kids WERE the dishwasher, kwim? It’s hard to remember a time before amenities, but its true. And even if you are knew to the dishwasher world, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for a super basic model. Finding the right features is more important in today’s kitchen than anything else.

Do I really have time to pick stuck food OFF my dishes after they were supposedly clean? Um. No. Not with this zoo I call a household around here.

I want to set it, forget it, and pray someone else remembers to empty it. And for the most part that is true…at least the set it and forget it.

(I still often end up emptying the dishwasher on my own though)

What the experts say:

Maytag® Jetclean® Plus Dishwasher with 100% Stainless Steel Tub Interior

The Jetclean Plus Steam cycle utilizes high-pressure spray jets and increased temperatures to power through stuck-on food while reducing spots on glassware. There’s no need to rinse off dried-on food thanks to the ToughScrub™ option and a powerful 4-blade stainless steel chopper. For even more cleaning power,the Jetclean® Plus Steam cycle blasts off food particles with high-pressure spray jets and then adds the finishing touch of steam to clean and reduce spots on glassware. The Auto Clean cycle also uses sensors that monitor soil levels to help get dishes clean. Plus, the 100% stainless steel tub looks great, fights corrosion and improves drying performance.

What Mom says about the Maytag® Jetclean® Plus Dishwasher

My favorite part? Other than the no “cleaning before cleaning” stance that actually DOES work? The fact that Fingers McGee aka Phoenyx cannot reset the dishwasher every time its on! As you can see from my old Maytag, just about anyone, including the dog, with the right amount of pressure could stop or start the process. Now the buttons are located in a nice parents only spot that closes away from any prying hands.


And while I would love to tell you all the arranging power the dishwasher has….well, here I will show you what it SHOULD look like according to standards.


The REALITY of the situation is this:


It’s like wild animals dropped their dishes and ran.

The irony being that in the early part of my marriage my husband would literally take every dish out and redo the dishwasher till it looked like a military laundry session. He has gotten lax in his old man age.

The dishes come out spotless so all is well and moms have to pick their battles.


Maytag Over-the-Range Microwave with Stainless Steel Interior

Go ahead and put that casserole dish in the microwave. Not only will it fit in this 2.0 cu. ft. over-the-range unit, but the WideGlide™ tray is designed to move throughout the microwave for uniform cooking results – even in cookware as large as a 10″ x 15″ pan. The powerful 1,000 watts of cooking power ensures your food will be heated all the way through, while sensor reheat means you can warm your meals without worrying about cooking times or power levels. The stainless-steel interior looks great and cleans easily, while the four-speed ventilation fan will help keep your kitchen clear of cooktop smoke and odors.

I also wanted to take a minute to touch on our Microwave.  We are actually a low maintenance home when it comes to microwave. Our last one had the handle broken off so I am happy to have a handle back, but other than the occasional vegetable steaming, the defrosting of meat, and maybe some milk warming, the microwave has little usage in our house but a really nice looking decor piece.

For some reason I will never understand, I cannot get behind “leftovers” so I only cook what we eat and that is that. I can tell you that I have grown super fond of the “quick defrost” button as its usually 3pm before I am considering dinner thoughts.


I also think the sensor reheat is a really cool feature. You can reheat meals without cook times or worrying about what level of power to use, but as we do not eat leftovers, this is something I have yet to try.

Of course if you are considering a kitchen change or upgrade or want to get to know more about Maytag appliances, please learn more by visiting Maytag at

Or visiting other bloggers and their experiences here:


I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Kitchen Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with a Maytag kitchen appliances set, including a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and range to facilitate my post.

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  1. I truly appreciate the content of your blog.. Keep going.

  2. That’s a pretty dishwasher! I like that the buttons are out of reach of little fingers. When I need a new one I will be looking into that.

  3. You need to stop with all of these Maytag posts because it’s making me want to go buy them too! LOL

  4. I am LITERALLY drooling over here at your beautiful new appliances!! I love the hidden button feature of the dishwasher. My boys like to press buttons… thus stopping/restarting my dishwasher to utter confusion! Having that feature would at least prevent them from stopping the dishwasher mid cycle. ;)

  5. We so desperately need a new dishwasher. I like the placement of the buttons. I personally like stainless, I think it shows fingerprints far less then the black we currently have. And by the way, if you think the inside of your dishwasher looks bad in comparison to their picture then you should see mine.

  6. I love that the buttons for the dishwasher are hidden from little fingers! I so need one of those!

  7. love the looks of these. I never really had a dishwasher before this house we are in now. All the other homes dishwashers did not work well, so I always handwashed. would love to try out your dishwasher! ;)

  8. The hidden buttons are awesome! Ours stops if someone bumps into it. sigh.

  9. Ok Can I just have your kitchen? We have all those “old” appliances and really need the new ones! These look awesome!! The dishes in the dishwasher (your version) is a carbon copy of ours! I am an old pro at filling it to the gills! LOL. The Microwave is cool with the reheat feature! SOOO I am coming to your house to do my cooking and cleaning from now on! LOL ;)

  10. It’s nice to see that it was installed the correct way. I think our installers were sick of being here, it was the last piece they did and the buttons are hanging out and it’s crooked.

    • Ours had an issue actually..when they pulled my other one out, the builders had thrown the plugs on the ground. New code makes it where the cords have to be drilled up (fire hazard maybe?). It took weeks to get it approved where the installer could come in and fix it since they usually only did new homes. Maytag made sure they sent an electrician in to fix it all and put it in right. I think it was JB Hunt. They were pretty professional. By the 4th time they were at my house they started asking me how P was doing when they walked in. HA

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