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Playtime with P

This house is full of toys. Like REALLY full of toys. Lately I have been bagging up the stuff he has grown beyond and trying to enhance the stuff he really loves. And one thing he really loves is blocks..or I should say bloks. As in Mega Bloks! We had a bag of them left over from when Charlotte was a baby. Probably the only toy that made it through to her being 8 years old that we hadn’t gotten rid of because it was still used but as the years went by we seemed to lose a few here and a few there.

So when P showed an interest in them, I bought I new bag to combine with our old (girly) ones.


Now Mega Bloks has a lot of different toys and recently launched this adorable Whirl n Twirl Race Car. At 18 months P is just now starting to understand when he sits on toys he can ride them.

He only goes backwards but it’s a start!



The little Whirl n Twirl Race car is pretty cute and has some serious radius on it. I was surprised at how well it turns but that is because the wheels underneath go a completely 360. My 8 year old daughter can barely keep off it herself scooting around!

And it also has a lift-able seat to cram in a few bloks for the ride.

Vroom, Vroom! Race your little one to the checkered flag with the bright red Whirl ’n Twirl Ride-On by Mega Bloks. This innovative ride-on truck takes playtime in a whole new direction with sturdy caster wheels for quick-turning action. Your little racer can lift the seat to reveal a storage trunk, perfect for transporting favorite toys and more from room to room. The Whirl ’n Twirl’s friendly face is sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.


  • Responsive caster wheels for quick-turning fun

  • Checkered flag design for your little race fan

  • Built-in storage for toys and more




Of course as long as toys are taste-able, he is happy.





What is the favorite toy in your house?


*Mega Bloks sent P a Whirl and Twirl Race Car to test out!

Little P is two now! He still loves blocks.

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  1. I can’t wait to buy some Mega Bloks for our granddaughter in a few months! they were always a hit with our kids!

  2. Cassandra Eastman says:

    Seriously, he should baby model. He is a cutie!!!

  3. I love watching him at play (or doing just about anything). I cannot help but smile when I look at him. How do you stand that cuteness on a daily basis!?

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