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Mialisia Jewelry : Adventures in Direct Sales

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Before I was a blogger, I was a boutique owner. I created a product, sold it, marketed it, and owned an online boutique. I actually really loved every aspect of doing that, but it got super time consuming and to be honest, more than my body could take as it was a handmade product. I eventually moved on from that business (which was here selling bowholders, now moved to a blog with my past designs) and give the instructions away for free on how to make a tutu bowholder.

And although I love, love, love being a mom blogger and do not ever see myself leaving it, I could not pass up this new opportunity for a company launching in the direct sales industry with Mialisia Jewelry.

Its a pretty cool concept where the jewelry connects to create other pieces, so no matter what you buy, you can always have a different look.

The piece I am wearing above is not connected to another piece, but I did kinda want to show it all. Because you can wear it so many different ways, you can wrap it around boots or wear as a bracelet and as a mom with a no nonsense attitude in my fashion, I just felt it fit ME.

I really felt the need to share over here too because I have been a bit gone the past few weeks. Part of that is summer and the kids being out. Part of it is the fact that I am working on training all my amazing designers and assisting them with getting their blogs set up, and part of it is just that I have not a ton going on to share and I don’t want to waste your time with random boring stuff.

But for those of you that have been following my blog for the past 5 years, and I appreciate you so so much, I wanted to let you know I am not going anywhere, its just a bit busy summer and I am balancing more than one thing. I am looking so forward to this adventure because its a way for me to actually GET OUT of the house, instead of gluing my butt to this computer chair again for the next 365 days.  If you are in direct sales yourself, I’d love for you to check out and maybe follow my other direct sales blog, because when I am not here, I am there.

Because its a brand new company that doesn’t even launch for a few weeks, I truly have no idea if its going to work out, if its going to be something huge, if its gonna be amazing, but in my heart, I feel like it IS. When I first started blogging I didn’t know if it was going to be huge, or amazing or if blogs were a fad, and I took a chance and I am so happy I did.

So Ill be sharing some of my direct sales adventures back here when they are interesting and for all you ladies that are involved in, or have been involved in, direct sales, please feel free to share your brand and lend some advice in the comments!

I want to check you out and support you too.


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  1. I believe it is going to be hugely successful, Trisha, and I hope you’ll blog about how it is going. I love learning from other entrepreneurs!

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