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Mobile County Animal Shelter Events~

My city is really great at not fixing their animals and also dropping them off to “find new homes” but the truth is so many animals do NOT find them. We need to, as a community, do BETTER.

We need more advocacy in the local shelters. Even if you are not in my area, remember that there are animals in your area that need adopted homes.  Not visiting the shelters does not mean they do not exist and they NEED your help.

Here are two of my kitties that were adopted from the Mobile County Shelter.

If you are in the Mobile County area, please consider ADOPTION.  Mobile County in Alabama is also hosting three very special events to encourage adoptions. You can check the flyers below and also follow on their facebook pages for upcoming adoption programs, like free adoption for any animal over 1 year today!

Mobile County Animal Shelter Events

(251) 574-6439

Pet CPR and Emergency Classes


Mobile County Animal Shelter



CPR Class



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