F2 Tornado…touchdown 1 mile away

I live in the South.

We like our mother nature with a 2 week notice, re: hurricanes.

So yesterday when the whole “in like a lion” roared through hauling some spring showers, it also brought major thunder, lighting, power outages, and something totally unexpected- a tornado.

Right down the street.

It was super fun huddled in the downstairs bathroom with my daughter, my 5 year old niece, and my kitten.

(tornado damage off of Theodore Dawes and Old Pascagoula in Theodore, Al)

I’m sad about the grocery store, restaurant and the hardware store, but not so sad about BP.

Cause. Well, You know.



  1. says

    So glad we are not there! I hate tornadoes and was just telling John how shocked I was we hadn’t had any, because when we lived in Pcola we always heard about warnings for Mobile. At least we missed this one, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last.

  2. says

    Holy crap, I didn’t realize that was so close to you.
    I’m so glad you guys are OK… we have spent a couple of warnings huddled in our downstairs bathroom with the puppies and some blankets. It is really scary.
    LOVED your BP photo… payback’s a bitch!

  3. Michelle says

    So glad you are ok. I have been through some bad hurricanes and have seen some good tornado conditions too but have never been through one, thank everything. I hope no one was hurt and hope the damage is easily fixed. However, I must say glasses up for Karma giving BP a nice little visit. :-)

  4. amanda says

    when we got Tsuanmi warnings here in Northern California I thought about you….we just dont like weather at all, when it rains people drive like they are driving in land mines and earthquakes only scare us when they are bigger then 4.0

    but you did remind me to call my friend who lives in Mobile to see if she was ok!

  5. says

    First off I agree that is why I live in the South I can deal with the Hurricanes since we know a week in advance it seems LOL.

    Also I totally love your comment, twitter, facebook box!

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