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As a blogger site, I have run a ton of contests and games that have ended up being a blast for visitors and for our community. Aside from the semi-annual Dottie Awards, I have also hosted Americas Next Top Blogger and Blogger Bingo.

Keeping with the tradition of a new community game, we are hosting the First Annual Bloggers and Tiara’s Blogger Pageant from Nov 9th-Nov 20th.

The contest, which is meant for fun, will have varying activities that contestants will complete on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of both weeks and turn in to be judged by a secret panel. The person with the most overall points at the end of the contest will win.

While there will be no official voting, visitors will have a chance to influence the judges opinion of a blogger by leaving comments supporting them or their work along the way. Bloggers that are a part of the contest are encouraged to have tier visitors cheer for them and display their banners.



Sponsored by Pearl Paradise.

Check here for the PEOPLES CHOICE PRIZE you can win!


Titles to win:

Top Title:

Will take home the Winner Crown

Super Ultimate Grand Supreme Coolest Blogger in the Universe

(or Ewe-niverse if you’re a forum member!)


Runner up Title:

Will take home runner up Tiara

Elite Supreme Princess Blogger


Additional Titles To be Handed Out:

(Winners of Sashes)

  • Talent Winner
  • Personality Winner
  • Congeniality Winner



1) Is there an entrance fee?

A) No. This is for fun.But ill take donations if you are giving out cash.

2) I’m not pretty, should I still enter?

A) Coming from someone sitting here in pajamas at 11am, this contest isnt about facial beauty. Its about creativity, participation, and fun.

3) What if I miss one of the days that an assignment is up?

A) Then you will miss out points for that section, but you can try to just do a great job on all the other sections. I will put up the assignments on M, W, and F each week and you will have to have it completed before the next assignment.

4) Who is your secret panel of judges?

A) Its a secret.

5) Trisha, you can be a little crazy. What kind of things are you going to make us do?

A) Did you watch the Americas Next Top Blogger contest? Stuff like that…although different. No one died. Did that help at all?

6) I have always wanted a crown but my head is really big. Will I be able to custom size it?

A) No…the crowns come in one size, but you can sit it on your desk to remind yourself how freaking awesome you are.

7) Is this a joke or for real?

A) Both. Its more on the side of making fun of pageants, so for talents you can cook a pie, roll your hair in curlers, or change diapers fast.

8 ) What do I get out of this?

A) Now, should not enter things to get something back. But now that you asked, a TIARA if you win (who doesn’t want that???), mucho respect, an awesome title to brag about, and you even get to come back as a judge if we do another round in the future. We also hope it exposes some of your personality to our audience and you gain a few readers.

And world Peace.

9) Can I smack talk other contestants?

A) Uh, DUH. That is why we are having this.



10) I’m ready to kick some pageant bootie, how do I enter??

A) I’m glad you asked! We need at least 10 entrants, but as many as want to can enter. The more, the merrier.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and post on your blog, including a picture of you and connect to the linky. Please disclose you are entering this contest so your readers dont think your nuts AND they come over to support you.

All links MUST BE IN before Friday at Noon (central), which is the cut off date. I  suggest getting them in earlier so you can all check out your competition.

Answer the following and include a picture of YOU in it. Not your family, not your kids, not your BFF from high school, YOU:

1) Name, BlogName, Twitter

2) Have you ever entered a pageant before?

3) Do you have any special talents we can look forward too?

4) Name your top 5 favorite sites to visit on the, you do not get brownie points for putting momdot.

5) What is your favorite thing to do when you are not blogging?

6) Whats your dream vacation?

7) What blogger do you look up the most too?

8 ) If you could be on the cover of any magazine, which would you chose and why?

9) Tell the truth…you want a tiara, don’t you?

10) What is your definition of blogger success?

In the event of a tie at the end in judging points, it WILL go to a 24 hour audience vote.


  1. Nicole, Simply Mommy says

    I stop by all the time and I am so mad I missed this. It’s been crazy here, with 2 sick toddlers and a 1 yr old with rsv!!! I haven’t done very much traveling through the blogosphere the past week. Now it’s too late, maybe next time. Have Fun & Good Luck to all!!!

  2. Nicole, Simply Mommy says

    I stop by all the time and I am so mad I missed this. It’s been crazy here, with 2 sick toddlers and a 1 yr old with rsv!!! I haven’t done very much traveling through the blogospere the past week. Now it’s too late, maybe next time. Good luck to all!

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