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Momdot Won $10,000 for Charity

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irobotwinA few months back, I was invited up to Boston to work with iRobot on a LeadHer challenge. They were reaching out to some online community women to host a contest where our communities would generate “ingenious” ideas.

The 9 women that were competing LeadHers in this challenge were:

  • Kelby from Type A Mom
  • Ali from Blissfully Domestic
  • Jo-Lynn from Musings of a Housewife
  • Niri from Mommy Niri
  • Stacie from The Divine Miss Mommy
  • Ali from Chip Chick
  • Nicole from Good Golly Miss Blondie
  • Jessica from MomFuse
  • Me (Trisha) from MomDot™

The winning community LeadHer would receive a $10,000 charity gift card to use on DonorsChoose.org to fund the programs we choose. As you all know I am big on charity, so I took this challenge very seriously.  Plus, I like a challenge. The whole idea was to go out and generate ideas about anything at all (but robots) and submit on behalf of our communities. Then a panel of judges would award ONE winner.

Now you didn’t see it on the blog because we generated our ideas inside our forum (yet another reason to join!). We opened up a special subsection and had daily discussions on topics that lead to contributing ideas for about 2 weeks. We also had a 24 hour challenge where our community created 8 pages of ideas in one day. All in all, the whole thing was a great bonding experience and a ton of fun.

All the finalist AND winning submissions below will receive a Robot of their choice. We will also be handing out additional robots to the list below that.

We are proud to announce that the overall winning submission came from MomDot courtesy of KADI PRESCOTT:

Motherhood Matchesthink of eHarmony for moms of similar circumstance, but different levels of experience and confidence. As MomDot contributor and community member Kadi put it: “What about a Mommy Mentor program? The same kind of format as those online dating systems but for new moms. It takes a profile of your background, age, values etc…and matches new moms or expectant moms up with a veteran mom in their area who can help them through motherhood.      This would be great to help all moms learn the ropes and have some sort of support.”   Someone to relate to and get through the day to day with.   Someone that can assist you with any specialty situations like:

  • A spouse leaving for the military
  • Single Moms
  • Multiples
  • Food Allergies
  • Breastfeeding support
  • PPD support
  • Heart conditions
  • Cancer

We believe a site like this could match mothers based on their area, amount of children, age and location, but go even further to specify a detailed match.   By finding someone you can relate to, it can help women feel sane in a difficult time while creating friendship and companionship.   Once a match is created, you can initiate contact and set up a “motherhood date” in your local area.

There were 8 runner up ideas and SIX of them came from the MomDot Community:

  • Children’s Leadership Panel by and for Kids – iNGENIOUS LeadHer: Trisha Haas, MomDot; contributor, Marlie, http://www.isielie.com/. Our focus today is primarily on children and how to make lives better for them.   In that discussion, Marlie Prescott, age 10, told us that in order to make the world better, that there needs to be a childrens panel where kids from all over the United States can talk about the future and help shape it.    ” What about a kid council made of reps who would convene and share their ideas and feelings with the congress, president and senate?      If we are the future of this country, shouldn’t we know what is going on and be able to share our views. If we grow up knowing the problems of America, then we will be better equipped to handle them and find solutions as we get older. Then the kid council can report back to the kids via a webshow on a kid council website.”     Marlie      -     http://www.isielie.com/ (we have her mothers permission to post this and use her name and website)
  • Health Esteem, Self-esteem Program – iNGENIOUS LeadHer: Trisha Haas™, MomDot™; contributor, Stefanie- Bloggymommy3  http://mommysquiettime.com/. Our visitors strongly believe that their children are lacking major self esteems issues. Not only in their personal households, but in life in general. Self esteem and Health Esteem comes from three major sources:   1) Family   2) Friend and Educational Influences   3) Media (tv, internet, magazines)   Our group  is interested in developing a program specifically targeted at children much like the Dove ‘real beauty’ program. Some names for the program submitted were:    C.O.O.L  (Changing Our Own Lives)    K.I.D.S . (Kids In Different Stages)    F.A.C.E. T.I.M.E.  (F.ocused A.wareness on C.hildrens E.nergy   T.he I.ngenuity M.irror E.xperiment)    G.R.A.D.E  ( Gradually Raising Awareness on Development Education)    G.R.A.C.E.  ( Gradually Raising Awareness of Childhood Education)      This program would encompass a website with social networking capabilities fully run by children but monitored by adults. Avenues that children would be able to discuss would be acceptance of all kids, bullying, mental and physical illness, self esteem, health, and charity. Children would be able to share their ideas and how they give back into their communities with each other inspiring their own personal growth.   The site would also have positive articles about extracurricular activities, eating right, and problem solving for kids from every age. There would also be a panel of children, to rotate out every quarter, that helped speak with children directly about situations they had in their lives, much like a virtual big sister and big brother program.   As part of the site, we would like to see some positive education aimed at parents as well so they can raise more positive children.   We imagine the site to be password protected and free.
  • Special Needs Reform – iNGENIOUS LeadHer: Tricia Haas, MomDot™; contributor, Cheryl- http://cherylschat.blogspot.com.  Regarding special needs children and the lack of support and education for mothers of and children of this category, we wanted to find an idea that assisted in the acceptance of human beings that were born with a physical or mental disability.   We decided, overall, that there needs to be a complete reform and that part of the lack of acceptance is due to fear of what you do not know. We felt this could be resolved in several ways.   1) Most childrens shows, from time to time, touch on disabilities but no show actually has the lead character with a disability. We felt that there should be a “dora” type show on childrens television where the leading character has a physical disability that has placed he/she into a wheelchair. Then that child would go on adventures and have to overcome obstacles in life while also explaining that anyone is capable of anything. We felt a physical disability would be best understood to small children.   2) We feel like parents who do not have a special needs child, do not know how to talk to their kids about disabilities. An optional  training class prior to the school year would help enable parents with the right tools to answer the questions their kids may come home with. If we talk to our kids, rather than skirt issues, we spread education.   If we talk to our kids, rather than skirt issues, we spread education.   Another way for parental involvement came from  Tracy :    “As far as parents. A question and answer time with parents of children who have experience with a disability leading the class. Another example of peer interaction.” An extension of school education would be for the children themselves. All children should have a classroom discussion on a variety of common and uncommon disabilities. Classroom activities could include pairing up with a child with a disability.
  • Expandable Bra – iNGENIOUS LeadHer: Trisha Haas™, MomDot™; contributor,  Kadi www.wombattheinnsane.com.  An expandable bra for pregnant and nursing women. It starts out small and can be adjusted up to three cup and band sizes to grow with your pregnancy/nursing. That way it is not necessary to buy a bunch of bras.
  • Airplane Trays for the Car – iNGENIOUS LeadHer: Trisha Haas, MomDot; contributor, Amanda from HouseHold6.  A flip down tray built in to the backs of the seats on cars so people in the backseat can eat, draw, play, etc.

As part of the winning community, we also received 5 Robots to do with what we choose. We have decided to hand out the majority of our win to our community to thank them for their incredible participation.

  • Nicole from Good Golly Miss Blondie (fellow LeadHer)
  • Stacie from The Divine Miss Mommy (fellow LeadHer)
  • Keonte from Mommy 2 K for contributing the most ideas from us
  • we will be pulling 1 winner from a random draw this week out of all participating members and that winner will be updated here
  • I will be keeping the last one for myself

We absolutely cannot wait to start funding teachers across America with this win!




P.S. Told y’all I would win.

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  1. WOW!!! Congrats to EVERYONE (and way to go Kadi!!!).

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