Comment from little girls in thongs..

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Ok, I am liberal.

I like to think I am liberal. Nudity doesn’t bother me, I am pro-choice, I could give a poop if someone is smoking marijuana…blah, blah. BUT when it comes to my child, I am super conservative. I am concerned about her choices, her clothing, her safety, her health and why shouldn’t I be, she is the only thing I have to actually get RIGHT in life.

A long time ago I wrote an article..well, more like an observation, on little girls wearing thongs. I had caught a glimpse of a young girl, in a Tinkerbell shirt no less, with a hot pink thong hanging out at the local park.

I took a picture of it on the playground.


Trust me, I have gotten a LOT of grief over that picture, but I think I made my point. And at least I don’t kidnap little girls in thongs, kwim?

That article gets a buttload of hits on my blog even till this day.

People who look up:

  • “kids in thongs”
  • “little girls in thongs”
  • “pictures of 10 year olds in thongs”
  • “girls in thongs under 4”
  • “Want to see little girl in a thong”

No crap.

Just today alone I have had:

  • Hot young girls wearing thongs
  • little GIRLS THONG
  • little girls in thongs

I also get many comments on that post.

If one of those is you, chances are I can see pretty much if you are surfing from work…home…what you googled. You may want to protect yourself a bit better by using this.

Unfortunately I can’t put most of them through because they would make the general population physically ill. Stuff like “I think all little girls should wear thongs; they are HOT in them.” The sad part is the comments are  probably real. My own dad thinks I should start an IP database to add anyone with those kinds of comments so the FBI can investigate them all.

I think he may be onto something.

Which brings me to why I don’t want my little girl WEARING a thong. There really are men out there that look at your little girls…in thongs. And then they go home and search them out on the internet for their jollies.

Today I got this comment and at first I was this guy for real? I mean, for real, for real? I had to not only publish it, I had to point it out.

After reading all the comments on this site, i decided to give my own opinion, for what it’s worth. I am a single father to two girls (Ages: 7 & 9) and the pictures on this post do not surprise me in any way. Both my girls wear thongs, as do a lot of my nieces who are of a similar age. Strangly they both still act like children not Porn Stars, niether do they go around parading the fact that they are wearing thongs.

Maybe it’s just the way i was brought up but as long as something is covering their vagina’s i don’t see a problem, a thong is nothing more than underwear, it doesn’t make any person more sexy than when their not wearing them, people who think that a child wearing a thong make’s them ’sexy’ should get their head examined!

I have no problem with my girls wearing them and niether does anyone else i know, maybe because my girls don’t go round lifting up their skirts and showing everyone is why i don’t have a problem with it! My girls don’t wear PJ’s on a night, they wear a thong and cami top even when walking round the house, it doesn’t bother them so why should it bother anyone else, at least their vagina’s are covered and as far as i am concerned that what matters!

Now I have a daughter. She is nearly 5. We still take a bath and change in front of each other. However, she is growing up quickly and I figure it wont be too long before her privacy factor will kick in and she will close her door when changing. Its starting to happen now in some occasions already. Plus I am a woman (and her mother) so I figure its fair game to be more open  in naked situations till she is no longer comfortable with it.

Even so, I cant even imagine at 9 years old that its appropriate for your daughter to be walking around in a THONG around the house with just a cami on. That draws the line for me.

And as a father, especially a single father who has to work even harder on the growth of a child, I cant imagine how this would ever be acceptable.

Am I the only one leaving this comment with a sense of…..hell, I don’t even know how to put it.




Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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  1. Kevin "KoRnMonroe" Sisney says

    testing 123
    I don’t have a daughter i’m only 25 and i want a girl so bad when the time comes, NO IT”S GROSS if a little girl wears this stuff as far as for 13 or 17 year olds, i have no clue even 13 is bad. I at the middle of last month, went to a site to check it out and what the heck did i find? a child pornsite or something like that and at first i thought what the hell? looked for a couple seconds and then suddenly i realized this is a pedofile page. I almost got sick those poor girls and lol most of them are not in this country maybe a few but i ddn’t want to stay long to find out; its too bad i already did. Point is -FBI won’t do anything well! maybe a little but, that’s it just my opinion. NO! it’s not okay for a girl that age like the one in that photo to wear this age appropriate clothing.

  2. TJ says

    i dont see a problem with little girls wearing thongs. Im a full grown adult male, and i wear them. ( mens thongs of course and yes i have a nice build)
    the problem is unless you are a women between the ages of 18-40, you will get negative feedback for wearing thongs.
    There are sexy men out there (i am one of them) who can wear thongs.
    There are little girls who would wear their thongs simply because they are fun and cute.
    Not everyone is a pervert. get over yourself.
    Let us not forget thousands of years ago men wore thongs as normal attire first before women did.