Morning Drama

This morning Charlotte had a mental breakdown.

It happens so rarely, but when it does, she thinks the world is ending.

She asked me for some money. I told her daddy took it all with him out of town (which since I gave him my $10, that’s not far from the truth), so she goes all Jacques Cousteau on me and starts digging through my desk drawers.

I knew she probably wanted it for an extra “snack” at school or some stupid toy since they market to the kids constantly at the school store. I told her she didn’t need an extra snack. She claimed it wasn’t for a snack, but I was getting her lunch ready and didn’t pressure her for more info.

The morning goes on (she finds no money, not surprised) and we get into the car and she immediately goes through my change bucket and starts pulling out quarters and dimes. I said “NO MA’AM! You do NOT take mommys money without permission.”

She dropped the change.

And proceeded with the drama.

Come to find out what it boils down to, is that they are serving NACHOS during P.E. and she is afraid she will be the “only person” not buying them and she will “have to sit alone” the entire time. She got on the phone with her daddy and just cried and cried….

When we got to school, I got out the car to give her a hug (a forced one on her behalf cause she was mad at me) and I said..”It will be OK.”  As she was walking off tears were rolling down her cheeks she I heard her say “no, its not, its not OK.”

I have half a mind to go up to her school and give them a piece of MY mind about:

1) serving nachos at PE, which is directly before lunch time, where she has a lunch prepared by ME on what I want to feed her

2) Making her feel so bad that if she doesn’t participate she will be left out and alone. What do they do, segregate the non-nacho buying kids into “your parents suck” lines?

Is this how ALL public schools are??


  1. Kim says

    This is ridiculous. I live in the South too, but our schools don’t do this. I bet there are other parents who feel the same way. Maybe you should be bring it up at a School Board Meeting.

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