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Mrs Butterworth Commercial and New Bottles

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As many of you know, I had the pleasure of announcing Mrs. Butterworths new spring line of bottles for the Mrs. Butterworth commercials that are appearing in select markets right now on TV.

They must have heard that I have a waffle addiction since I got PG!

I had such a great time with the crew and PR shooting that day in my home and it was an awesome experience to be able to remember and share with Charlotte in the future. Unfortunately I am having an issue displaying the commercial portion I was in on my own website, so please go to Mrs Butterworths on Facebook and watch the version they shared!

I think its pretty awesome that mom bloggers, us real moms, are being given such fun and amazing opportunities.

Right now you can get 3 brand new Spring bottles and download accessories for her to dress up your breakfast table.



The bottles are SUPER CUTE.


Dress Up Breakfast with Family Fun and Download Mrs. Butterworth’s® Accessories on www.facebook.com/MrsButterworths

MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ (March 29, 2011) – This spring, families across the country will invite one of America’s sweetest and most loved spokes figures to the breakfast table in spring fashion with Mrs. Butterworth’s® limited-edition seasonal bottles. Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup debuts three newly outfitted limited-edition bottles in select stores, each featuring a unique spring look that unlocks a different downloadable cut-out accessory collection online, encouraging family fun at the breakfast table.

“Mrs. Butterworth’s rich, thick and buttery syrup has always brought families to the breakfast table and now her new, seasonal bottles add a heaping helping of fun,” said Oliver Sanders, brand manager of syrups for Pinnacle Foods. “Mrs. Butterworth’s limited-edition spring bottles and downloadable accessories will inspire creativity in every member of the family. From dress-up to game day to a beach party, Mrs. Butterworth’s has accessories for every occasion.”


Made with the same recipe as the Original Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup that families know and love, the limited-edition bottles add seasonal color and fun to the breakfast table. The three new bottle designs will be on supermarket shelves for a short time at the same price as the Original syrup. Mrs. Butterworth’s spring collection has secret codes to unlock up to 60 playful accessories online to dress-up breakfast.

Each of Mrs. Butterworth’s limited-edition spring bottles provides consumers with access to a different collection of 20 downloadable accessories. To download the accessory collection that matches each bottle purchase, go to www.Facebook.com/MrsButterworths and enter the code from the back of the bottle. Blank dress templates also are available at Mrs. Butterworth’s Facebook page so everyone in the family can be a designer this season. Families are encouraged to show off their creative designs by posting photos of their Mrs. Butterworth’s fashion creations on her Facebook page. People who “like” Mrs. Butterworth’s Facebook page can enter Mrs. Butterworth’s “30 days of sweetness” giveaway for a chance to win the limited-edition bottles and a breakfast fun pack with items that help make breakfast a memorable family experience.

Mrs. Butterworth’s spring bottles will quickly become a collector’s item due to limited availability so all are encouraged to collect all three bottles early.


If you are a brand interested in me representing you, please contact me! I had a great time and I would love to do it again. Thanks also to my DH who stayed home to watch Charlotte. She came up sick the day I had the shoot and he kept her busy upstairs.


Have you ever been in a commercial or would you be?



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  1. Great job! You’re a natural on camera. Now I’m wishing I had some waffles in my freezer right now–pregnancy cravings, of course. :)

  2. These bottles are too darned cute! Plus I love the accesories… I would love to play with them, never mind having kids to play with… TeeHee
    Trisha you did an awesome job on the commercial, I really hope they start playing down here in Florida so I can tell everyone that I know you. HaHa
    I would LOVE to be in a commercial, a friend of mine around the corner has a HUGE, gorgeous house that she has commercials and photo shoots done in all the time. I’m jealous of her all the time when she gets to have it done, but we visit while they are shooting. It’s fun.

  3. You look great! And you are very natural which is a good thing!

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