My child has a holiday yours doesnt.

We have hurricane days over snow days.

We drink Soda instead of Pop.

We track in sand over slush.

Our tea comes with sugar without asking.

And we have holidays y’all don’t have.

Actually I have to say this is the first time I have come across this myself. I grew up on the panhandle in Florida, then lived in the hell they call Texas, then off to South Carolina before karma dropped me in Ohio for two horrifically cold and frigid years. Then we moved back to the south and settled in Alabama…for a little bit.

Thats where we are now on the coastline in Mobile.

When Charlotte started public school this past fall I didnt figure it would be much different than any of the southern schools I had attended.WRONG.

I could do nothing but laugh when her new school schedule came home for this month:


You see, Mobile is the birth place of Mardi Gras. Not New Orleans…Mobile.

Mardi Gras Mobile..downtown last weekend


And apparently the school board has given Charlotte (and her entire elementary school) three full days off this week…you know, just in case she gets too drunk at the parades or something to complete her ABC’s.

Three days.


For Mardi Gras.

And I just love how the following week they added a “teacher planning day”, because clearly there is too much debauchery this week to get any of that done.



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    Yeah, that would so piss me off. It’s bad enough that they give kids so many 1/2 days and holiday breaks, I’m already almost out of my vacation days because of all the 1/2 days since the first of the year and I’ll have none to use for my maternity leave come July! Schools don’t care what problems these days off cause the parents, as long as the teachers are happy with their paid days off.

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    Gotta be really bad for people who work outside the home and have to arrange for daycare!
    That just sucks… So glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore.

    On a side note, hope everyone had a great Mardi Gras and are now enjoying whatever celebrations they believe in. I sure do miss the strawberry paczki I could get up in Connecticut – they don’t make them down here in Florida. :(

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