My child is average.

This past week Charlotte’s school has been doing EQT testing. I have no idea what that stands for but I am going to imagine it’s like ‘Education Qualification Testing’ or something equally annoying that the school board has come up with. In layman’s terms she had some big tests at school to quantify and qualify where she stood in the pack.

Today her scores came home.


My daughter is, at best, slightly, very slightly, above average.

Now while we told her how proud we were of her, and we are, part of me nagged.

Will she make it to a good college if she is average?

Will she be able to get a good job average?

Will she be able to move through life average?

Where is average in a society of men and women that have to compete for even the most menial job tasks to make a living?

And above all, will I have failed her if she is, at the end of my parenting years, just average?

Ironically I was an average student myself. Maybe, in some ways, a bit below average. I am a terrible tester, I repeated math not once, not twice, but three times in college. Do not even ask me how I did in statistics. I changed majors at least 4 times, each one an alteration to find something as far away from equations and calculus as possible and still graduate with a degree. Heck, read this blog long enough and you will doubt that I passed English and Grammar 101.

But I look around me now and glance at what average has gotten me. A beautiful home – no, not one in Beverly Hills – but a house, and a home, that I am proud of. An amazing family that enhance who I am and challenge who I should be. Great friends that educate, trust, and love me. Six animals that I have been privileged to save and care for.

Average has also given me an entrepreneurial spirit to understand, learn, and grow on a daily basis, a gift with empathy for those around me, and a giving nature for those that have less than I do. Average has given me a modest bank account, the ability to see things clearly, and a job that I love, even when I do not love it.

So while we have set more in stone procedures about reading and comprehension in our home in hopes to improve her future test scores and continue to strive for higher goals, we do so only expecting Charlotte to be a bit like us.



Because average….or slightly above, is sometimes quite a bit more than you think.



  1. says

    Charlotte is not average – she just had an average test score. If she is anything like you – she will be influential and have a meaningful, blessed life!

  2. Jenn @TheRebelChick says

    There is nothing wrong with average! I was an honors AP student and didn’t even go on to college. My husband was average and now has a ton of certifications and makes a fantastic salary…our grades in school don’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of life! :)

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