My daughters pictures stolen and used in ad

Well, today got interesting.

Erin from This Mom Shops sent me a link of my daughter on a Chinese based wholesale company website that is using my daughter as a sample for their products- pictures that were stolen from my blog.

While I realize I accept an amount of risk with Charlotte online, it infuriates me to no end that a company, a company not even in the US, has taken my personal photo, WATERMARKED IT AS THEIRS, right clicked protected it, and is using it to demonstrate their products.

I get it. She is beautiful and you love her photos. So do I. ON MY BLOG. I’m so mad about this I cant even concentrate enough to write a good blog post.

The irony involved is that she isn’t wearing their products, she is modeling products from  Three Peas Co. in a review blog post I did with them last year. They should absolutely consider a lawsuit for someone making money off of their products and trying to pass them off as their own.

After pulling myself out of shock, I got on this companies website and talked to someone on “live chat”.

This is the conversation:



This is where they stopped responding to me.

I’m going to file a copyright infringement with and then I am not sure where to go from there.

I wanted to make sure I shared this publicly as a reminder to watermark EVERY photo of your child, which I will be doing from this point on, and even with that, there is still an inherent risk of them ending up online -or even in an ad- that you didn’t authorize.



  1. says

    Hello! A friend of yours sent me an email notifying me that a photo of mine was also being used by this same merchant on
    After several days of emails to alibaba legal dept and filing a copyright infringement complaint, I finally received an email that they (alibaba) are addressing my claim.
    My photo was stolen from my website. After convincing alibaba that they did come from MY site, I had to prove that I owned my website.
    Originally, the photo the China merchant was using showed my daughters face. After I contacted alibaba, the merchant cropped her head off. As if that made it OK!! LOL!
    As far as I am aware, there are no copyright laws in China so they obviously think they can violate ours. This is not the first China based company that has used my photos as samples of their own products. Seems like I am constantly chasing them down. My photo has not been removed as of yet but I am very glad that you were successful with getting yours removed. That is encouraging for me.

  2. says

    Sorry, the last part of my note on proteting pictures didn’t come through. You can prevent Google from indexing the pictures on your blog with one simple line of HTML in the header section. Put the following text (inside “”): meta name=”robots” content=”noimageindex”

  3. says

    What a mess, a few months back a site stole a picture from my site. It was a picture of my daughter on the potty. This was a site with all kinds of potty pictures, not only of kids but some rated X. I was upset as well.

    • Diane says

      Would NEVER put any suggestive, whether it’s cute or not, pic of a child on the internet. Do have any idea how many criminals, child predators, are on line looking at your child? They have computer access in most of our us prisons too. NEVER

  4. This Mom Erin says

    You know what’s sad about this? They took down a bunch of the stolen photos of the moms I contacted but NOT all of them and now they’ve taken to cutting off the kids’ heads. As if this makes it ok. I really do wonder how many Chinese manufacturers engage in this thievery but I’m glad atleast a few moms got their kids removed from this one. :(

  5. says


    I have three kids and I understand the concerns everyone here feels. I saw a lot of questions about how to add a watermark to a photo, so I did a quick write-up on how to use a program called GIMP (free, and available for Mac and Windows) to add a waterrmark:

    Also, the best way to avoid your picture being used by others is to make it hard for them to find it in the first place. Chances are these jerks are finding the images through a quick search of Google Images (that may be the “american” company they keep mentioning). You can prevent Google from indexing the pictures on your blog with one simple line of HTML (in the header section): .

    Suzanne Kantra

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