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My Week by Pictures: Shopping

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Welcome to this weeks edition of “What I am doing when I am not here blogging.”

Probably shopping.

Here is my week in shopping!


Phoenyx and I spent some time at Toys R us looking at potential toy room upgrades. We ended up buying a fishing pole for the bathtub.


shopping odd

toys r us

Got our Gymboree clothes in…(and like 15 other pieces not shown here! Love Gymbo). Now that fall is pretty much here we can start to wear them!




Picked up some new makeup from Ulta. The blush is good, the Erase paste is great and the eyeliner is weak.

Incidentally, there was a pack of ladies trying to steal perfume while I was there. They thought I worked for the company and were trying to include me in on their “distraction” technique by asking questions. The women that worked at Ulta were wise to it and called the police.



Chris and I also went to TRU on our date night (yep, without the kids) to look at toys without the 2 hooligans begging.

We picked up these items below…so far the fish are all over the house and the iTikes is nothing more than a glorified Ipad holder.





I think I might get the kids some walkie talkies for Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I found some that text message each other.


text messenger


Mardi Gras is just 5 short months away….not too soon to look at a dress! I am not sure pink is my color but I am def into the sparkles this year!


mardi gras


I also got about $300 of my Mialisia Jewelry in. Here is one of my fav pieces! It’s called Savannah Blue.


That is about it this week on the iPhone. I can tell you that I need an upgrade..my pics are getting increasingly fuzzier! I wonder if a newer phone would have sharper pics.

What did you do this past week?


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  1. My week had no shopping so clearly you had a better week then I did. LOL

  2. Love the pics. I’m an iPhone camera user on my blog as well so I’m hoping I don’t have to upgrade any time soon! I can’t believe we’re all thinking about Christmas already. I’m still trying to get through Halloween and my baby’s first birthday. No wonder time flies we get so busy after having kids!

  3. What is erase paste? And yes, I think the pics are getting worse – its Apple’s plan to get us to upgrade LOL

    • Its like this cover up/brightener stuff. I use it by itself..a dab under my eyes makes me look a little bit younger. I can take some pics of the inside and the results if you want.

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