Boobies. Mom Boobs. My bewbies.

Did that title get your attention? I was trying to cover all my bases.

Anyhoo, I sure felt myself up a lot in this video.

Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.


[flashvideo filename=”videos/momboobs.flv” width=”448″ height=”361″ /]


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    You sound like me, I am not one to run off to a doctor. I think waiting on the period isn’t a bad idea because at 45–yeah I couldn’t help laughing in agreement over the “crossing 30 age marker and how it all changes”– my boobs go through a lot of swelling tenderness, lumpy stuff that all disappears after the first couple days of my cycle. But do be careful.

    Theresa Jane
    PS you live in Alabama? Wow, so do I. What slice from the state are you in? I’m in Birmingham

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    Usually, if it hurts – it’s nothing serious. I had a painful “pea-size” lump…
    Doc said to lay off the caffeine, and sure enough – it went away.

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