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New Year, New You, Same old Problems

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As a HotSpot Shield Ambassador, I often check their Facebook page so I can see what type of Cyber Crimes that may be going around. I noticed they had a recently post of the most devastating cyber attacks in 2013 and it was so interesting!

Here is a rundown

  • Facebook 318K passwords stolen
  • NSA 58K Sensitive Documents
  • Living Social: 50 million accounts hacked
  • Evernote: 50 million accounts hacked
  • Drupal: 1 million passwords stolen

plus Twitter, Adobe, NY times and more! (to read in detail go here).

Let’s face it – we all spend time online. It may not be dominated in a blog like I am here, or on Facebook, but it may be in one of the billions of networks, social media sites, forums or chat areas that are present all over the net. And so many people use the same passwords EVERYWHERE. So when, lets say, Facebook is hacked, a hacker could use that to get into your other accounts and take over your life.

If you  missed any of the past HotSpot Shield articles, you can catch up here:

I am here to remind you that the one thing you have control of is PERSONAL protection. You can spend your time anywhere online you want, but its up to you, and only you, to make sure that your virtual and real world life isn’t exploited as part of that.

At home OR on the go, Hotspot Shield can help keep you protected (And its FREE!).


With over 200 MILLION downloads, many already know how to protect their privacy and keep their online surfing and security set while also preventing malware.

Its a new year, a new YOU, so do not go in with the same OLD problems.


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54 Amazing Shares Facebook 2 Pin It Share 1 Twitter 20 Google+ 31 StumbleUpon 0 Email -- 54 Amazing Shares ×


  1. Those are crazy statistics. I am always getting notifications that people have sent trojans or trying to attack my computer. It makes me thankful for having the online protection that I do.

  2. It is scary how easy it is to get hacked or to have your info stolen. I keep saying I need to get one of these

  3. Wow, those are some very scary statistics. I think sometimes we get a little loose with our on line security. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. SOOO important to protect yourself online!

  5. wow, I did not know all those stats, that is scary! I never think about it I just get on and go – thank you for making me aware!

  6. Cyber crime is so scary. Great tips for protecting yourself.

  7. Janeane Davis says:

    It is important to protect one’s self online. It is an area of safety that is often overlooked.

  8. Wow! Those statistics are huge!

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