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‘Next Top Model': Where are they now?


Favorite Show Alert! Favorite Show Alert!!

One of my very favorite reality show indulgences is Americas Next Top Model. We even played a ANTM game here on the blog 2 years in a row and it was a blast (dont ask, had to be there). I am beside myself waiting with my DVR in hand to catch the tryouts and hopefuls appearing tonight.

This is where I battle with American Idol vs ANTM in my house. Usually I watch Americas Next Top Model live and DVR American Idol.

After the auditions American Idol gets lame anyway.

So lets talk about the winners from the years passed…I often see them randomly inserted into commercials and campaign ads, but here is what they have been up to!

‘Next Top Model': Where are they now?

  • Show Host: Tyra Banks
  • Show Start: Tonight! Feb 23rd

Adrianne Curry ‘Top Model’

Adrianne Curry

Adrianne was such a spitfire on her season of Top Model. I was really happy she won that year. If my memory is serving me correctly, she married one of the Brady Bunch guys…or dated him. They had some lame spin off show on VH1 for a bit. He was an ass.

Anyhoo, she went on to model for Macys and a billion magazines. Mucho Sexified!

Yoanna House ‘Top Model’

Yoanna House


Yoanna was the winner of the second season of Americas Next Top Model. She debuted as a model at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion week and like her predecessor, been seen in quite a few magazines. She also was on a show called Queen Bee that attempted to reform “mean girls”.

Eva Marcille (Pigford)’Top Model’

You just totally knew Eva was going to win in her season. Such piercing eyes! She went on to have a successful career, staring in The Young and the Restless. I am pretty sure Eva was one of the shorter girls in her season…5’7″? The runner up in her season, Yaya, also went on to some acting jobs. Yeah for 2nd place!

Naima Mora ‘Top Model’

As the daughter of two artists, Naima has been in more than just a TV show, but also appeared as a front woman for two bands. She served as an Emmy Trophy Girl and briefly on Project Runway.

Nicole Linkletter ‘Top Model’

Nicole was the first winner from North Dakota, has hosted for E! and been a VH1 host…which isn’t too far from one of her runner-ups Kim Stolz, whom I see on MTv all the time.

Dani Evans ‘Top Model’

Danille from ANTM


Danielle was DARLING in her season! She had this gap between her teeth and this southern charm. Her contract with Cover Girl was renewed and she has appeared in fashion week. Go Dani, Go!

CariDee English ‘Top Model’

CariDee English

CariDee was a really sweet girl. I loved that she won her season. She had a big premiere with Oxygen’s Pretty Wicked and has been spreading awareness about psoriasis. She is currently working with the band Better Than Ezra.

Whitney Thompson ‘Top Model’

Whitney Thompson ANTM

Whitney was the shows first full figured winner. She has spoken out about weight and has her own line of jewelry and candles.

Other Americas Next Top Model Winners include:

  • McKey, whom has been ranked on Sexiest people and most Beautiful people “lists”.
  • Nicole Fox whom won a special season for petite women and is modeling for Nicole Ritchie


Cant wait for tonight~ Do you watch this show?


Update: Ok, the whole cat walk in the bubble? JUST WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so far I like that sweet girl..jayce? The one w/ dimples.


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  1. this site is very helpful. antm is the best show. Its my guilty plesure

  2. It always annoyed me that CariDee didn’t state HOW she got rid of her psoriasis. I even tuned in when she was on the Tyra show hoping to find out. As someone who suffers badly from it I would have loved to have known.

  3. I’m shamelessly addicted to ANTM and yeah the whole bubble thing I felt bad for the couple that fell. I was sad they cut the casting calls though as they were my favorite lol.

  4. Donna Smith says:

    Love ANTM . It is one of my favorite shows. “IDOL” also a favorite. Tara Banks and Jennifer Lopez are 2 of my favorite female artists in showbiz. Both are beautiful smart very classy in a down to earth kinda way.

  5. thanks for updating the winners this was a great read and very interesting one of my favorite shows too and I have watched all of them this was rather cool to find out where they are now

  6. I do watch and love it. Yoanna is my fave winner evah!

  7. i love to watch america’S NEXY TOP MODEL.I think tiara is awonderful person, and someone you can look up to as a woman.you go tiara…………..

  8. i love this show! seen every season! thanks for the update on the models :)

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