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Giving up on naptime or just a bad kids mattress?

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In Feb my best friend Nicole came to visit and one thing she made mention of me several times since is how NICE it was to sleep on my mattress. She didn’t wake up once and was comfortable all night long. It’s true, having a great mattress is something that we all should have but often neglect due to price. We also get stuck in this rut of never purchasing a new one or even considering that the ones we have may be old, or broken, or not great for our every changing bodies.

But what about the littlest people in our family?

When Phoenyx was about to be born I spent a lot of time working on his bedroom. I put up curtains, murals, specialty bedding but when it came to his mattress, I just ran to Target and purchased a middle of the road. Honestly I spent more time figuring out what sheets to put on then researching a brand that would be great for his growing body.

Beach Nursery

Then Colgate, maker of the Nuzzle Snuze mattresses, reached out to me and asked if Phoenyx would be interested in a sample to test out. I had noticed him waking up earlier and earlier and going to bed later and later so I said sure. Who knows, right?

What is the Nuzzle Snuze Chik-A-Dee?

The Nuzzle Snuze Chik-A-Dee is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. The eco-friendly AirWeave material is 100% recycled and recyclable. The spun matrix design allows air to flow freely through the material keeping your baby more comfortable. The Chik-A-Dee is 5” thick, lightweight for easy sheet changes and certified safe. It fits in all standard American cribs and is a beautiful addition to any nursery. It also make a stunning gift for any expecting parents.

  • • AirWeave technology promoting airflow
  • • 100% recyclable • Non-toxic and Hypoallergenic
  • • Greenguard Certified safe for no harmful chemicals
  • • Dust mite and contaminant free
  • • Exceeds all Federal flammability standards without using chemicals
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • • Lightweight for easy sheet changes

Why is a GREAT mattress important for kids?

Think about it. Kids spend 70% of their lives as infants in their bed growing and toddles, 50%. A child spends up to their first 5 years of their life sitting on, sleeping on, and playing on a mattress. You wouldn’t buy shoes that don’t fit them, so why settle for a mattress that doesn’t fit them?

I see all sorts of Brand name Kid Mattresses, are those better?

Here is what Colgate says on their FAQ page: 

 Most consumers are unaware that many crib mattresses with brand names identical to those found on national adult mattresses are not made by the same companies. They are usually just names licensed by, or shared with, a crib mattress manufacturer from the adult mattress company so that they can take advantage of the name recognition to increase sales. Another tactic by questionable manufacturers is to buys its foam on the close out market. It feels heavy and firm, but it doesn’t hold up over time because it’s a type of foam that is not designed for crib mattresses. It’s very important to choose a reputable manufacturer.

Now onto our impressions.

When we first got the mattress, Phoenyx was down for a nap. When he woke up I opened it and asked him to try it out. He is 2.5 years old. Here is his opinion on video.

Now mine: 

Simply put I had no idea how bad our $89 mattress from Target was till I got a really good one. Here is a picture of me just now standing on it. You can see the massive difference in the pressure.

Nuzzle Snuze Mattress for Kids Cribs and Toddler Beds

Here is a side by side picture. It was actually hard to balance evenly because my foot was sinking so badly into his old mattress.

It just wasn’t holding me.

Get a better toddler mattress

I can feel the springs in the Munchin Baby on the bottom of my feet and nothing in the Nuzzle Snuze. That means that Phoenyx has been feeling the springs. It’s no wonder he has been waking up repeatedly as he grows. As he got heavier, those springs were digging into his little body!

Has a better mattress improved his sleep?

Without a doubt yes. For a while I thought he was just giving up his naps. They were limiting to an hour. The day after I got this mattress his naps went back to 2.5-3 hours long.

Now when I crawl into his bed (yep, sometimes I get in that crib to snuggle on him), we can both lay there and nothing pokes into our back! On one hand I am sad that he has spent 2.5 years of his life on a mattress I thought was OK, but on the other I can say now I know and pass the knowledge on. 

Happy? You decide:

If you want to learn more about how a better mattress can improve the bedtime and nap time life of your child, visit Colgate Kids. To learn more or purchase the same mattress we tested, head to Nuzzle Snuze here. You can also connect in social media via Twitter or Facebook.  While I am not a representative for Colgate, I am happy to answer any personal questions you may have on our experience with the Nuzzle Snuze.

Have you ever considered the type of mattress your children are on?


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  1. Wow, that looks like a really great mattress! It’s amazing how much of a difference they can make for good sleep.

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