Only In Alabama #8

Ahh, a whole new year of Only IN Alabama’s. OIA09. I wonder what goodies this year will hold us. Now I had a real treat today, while finding the OIA shots below, I came across something even more priceless. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my memory card in my camera and only got a few very briefs seconds of it before I ran out of tape, but I think your going to really enjoy it…so stay tuned this week for the mother of all OIA.

If your new here, Only in Alabama’s are my little visual way to share with you the town I live in. Stuff I am sure you will only likely see when you live in a place like Alabama.

Todays OIA is brought to you by this guy here:


He is very friendly and you should feel welcome at his house/business. He even has an extra chair for you to chill in.


He operates his business from his front yard. And just think….lets all go to Bobs house and get some fresh catch. And then catch a beer and a football game.


And oh, yes, it IS in his front yard. Literally.


Here are last years if your interested and missed any:



  1. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) says

    I have definitely driven by stuff like this on my way to the Gulf coast.
    You need a picture of a “P-NUTS” sign, which makes me laugh because hello, you are only saving two letters by not just going ahead and wring out “Peanuts”. How hard is that?

    But I do love “Bolled P-NUTS”

    Also there is a sweet man who sells vegetables near my parents house and he hand painted his own “VEG-TABLES” sign.

    CanCan (Mom Most Traveled)’s last blog post..WW: Prepare to be Envious

  2. says

    All I can say is, you’re really assuming that A stands only for Alabama. It could also be Only In Arkansas. Or how ’bout ONly in Alaska. And that picture could totally be in Texas. Or Illinois. But, I can only speak for states i”ve lived in! ha ha ha

    Great picture!

    Texan Mama’s last blog post..So Happy Together

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