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Only In Alabama….Gas Station Sign.

Yesterday we pulled into a local gas station and what do our wondering eyes appear?

I think whomever put this up was drinking and driuing.


PS I have a much better OIA for yall, but I’m going to wait and put it up in the morning.



  1. Funny :)

  2. Haha that sure is a halarious picture. Thx for sharing it! :)

  3. LMAO that is funny. 😉

  4. it’s the gas fumes from the spill! it’s affecting the spelling gene! LOL

  5. Thanks Trisha — How is this one SEO wise? Jeanine

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  6. LOL…

    maybe they should of never “bought” that vowel???

  7. LOL Too funny! Practice what you preach Shell workers!

  8. I use to live in Alabama around 10 years ago and I use to love it there, except for the weather of course. But maybe they put the letters on at night and just did not realize their mistake. However I did laugh as it is funny.

  9. Holy Cow on the $3.08 gas ! We are at $2.88 here in Jacksonville FL

    and Trisha — is this how I am supposed to SEO my comments (from Friday night chat)???

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    or do I have that wrong ?

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