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Only In Alabama

Do you see it?


I saw this a few weeks ago when we were running around.



  1. My son pointed a sign out to me in our little town… “You want find plants like these in Mobile!’ ROTFL! Tripp (10) says, “Uh mom? I think they mean ‘won’t’!” Only in Alabama 😀

  2. That is funny. I like your OIA series. Are you an Alabama Crimson Tide College football fan?

  3. LOL! I guess they forget to click spellchecker :)

  4. lol That’s fab! 😀

  5. That’s funny.

  6. I guess they couldn’t afford to buy another vowel?

  7. They must have only had one “E”

  8. Hahah! Think of all the money they saved on the sign by leaving out all those unnecessary letters lol!

  9. LOL everything in one place 😉

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