Only In Alabama…..Mardi Gras

This should actually be “Only in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana”, BUT we have one thing you all don’t have. Mardi Gras at Home Depot. You can shop for a hammer and flash for beads at at the same time.

Awesomely Alabama.





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    Cat @ 3KidsandUs wrote:

    Am I the only one that just doesn’t “get” Mardi Gras? We went to the celebration in St. Louis one year but it was just a drunk fest leaving the streets covered in trash.

    It is SO MUCH more than that! Sure there CAN be lots of drinking (LOL!), but Mardi Gras is full of tradition and is really a family affair.

    I didn’t even know Mardi Gras existed in St. Louis???

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    I actually saw a small display at WalMart selling Mardi Gras things. It was just in the middle of the isle- one little thing, but that’s all it was- Mardi Gras. It made me think of all of you!

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