Oreck Halo Review and Giveaway

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oreckhaloLast month I received an Oreck Halo to test out courtesy of the company. I just got around to pulling it out the past week or so and giving it a really good test run throughout my house. I have 4 cats, a child, a husband, and myself. Our house isn’t known for its cleanliness Monday-Friday.

In short, we are a great vacuum testing ground.

Previously I had tested another one of Orecks models so while I wont compare it directly to my non-Oreck brand vacuum, I think its fair to compare it to the other Oreck XL Upright.

Now with the Halo, one of the major differences in this vs the XL Upright is that this one comes with a UV Germ Killing UV light on the front you activate while vacuuming with the push of a button. Make sure you read the instructions on the vacuum because it did state that hte light can be dangerous, so don’t vacuum up to your child if they are playing on the floor.

What I liked:

  • I liked that it did its job. It cleaned just as well as my Dyson and the previous Oreck and left pretty vacuum streaks in the floor.
  • I liked the thought of the light killing flea eggs, dust mites, and germs and if you have a child that is crawling, this is an added benefit.

What I didn’t like:

  • Although Orecks claim to be light vacuums, this vacuum was pretty heavy to push and haul up the stairs. I could carry the last Oreck, even though it was taller, with one hand. I can also carry my current vacuum with one hand. This one-not so much.
  • You have to manually adjust the side depending on your carpet height and I was having to stop and do that every few feet to go over the rug, the living room, and the kitchen floors.
  • Its not modern looking. Ok, this doesn’t exactly change the quality, but I still like a modern looking appliance.
  • You have to turn off the vacuum and set up the hose anytime you want to use it.

Having tested out more then 5 vacuums in the past year I can say that the Oreck Halo, while producing a valuable service with assisting in killing germs on your floor, wasn’t my top vacuum choice in my household.

In todays technology age, there is far more that goes into a vacuum then just working well. I want a vacuum that can cruise corners, adjust carpet lengths without turning a knob, and has an easilyaccessable hose for corner cleaning.

The Oreck Halo has the right tools for being a vacuum of the future, but its just not there yet for this mom.


Information about the Halo Technology from the company website:


Powerful 2-in-1 cleaning performance.

The new Oreck Halo is a revolution in vacuum cleaner technology. Incredible suction vacuums dirt and debris, while the patented Oreck Halo light chamber kills many microscopic germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, dust mite eggs, and flea eggs using UV-C light. And like all Oreck products, it’s remarkably simple to use – just vacuum as you normally would, and the Oreck Halo vacuum cleaner kills and reduces microorganisms without any extra effort or harsh chemicals.


Did You Know…

  • Carpet can be the most germ-ridden surface in your home. It can contain approximately 200,000 microbes of bacteria per square inch, and as many as 100,000 dust mites per square yard.
  • A typical square inch of kitchen tile floor can contain over 2,500 bacteria.
  • Bacteria samples from a typical home show that the bathroom floor contains 18,025 bacteria per square inch, while the toilet seat has only 49 bacteria per square inch!


Everyone wants to know what YOU are reading: Don't Forget To Share!
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