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Owning a home is hard, hard work.

I have been fortunate enough in my life to be on my 2nd home. We bought our first home in Ohio when my husband was in the service and it really was a BEAUTIFUL home. Beautiful. We had one of those sprawling backyards with a few mature trees and a green lawn. We had a basement, a beautiful living area, an open kitchen. Sigh.

What we didn’t have was the fantastic weather associated with the South and we were not settling down in Ohio. Thankfully we got out when the market was just starting its down slide so we were able to sell our home. In fact, we sold it to he first person that walked in the house.

Told ya it was nice.

When we moved out of state to Alabama we bought a home again. It’s also two story (more bang for your buck, but hell on hauling up the laundry) and has the office space I need. For the most part, I am very pleased. I think we got a great home in a nice neighborhood and it’s very close to my husbands work. But I’d rather be back in Florida so I know this won’t be my last home.

Now if you are gearing up to buy a house it can be scary. From the financing to the building, the right area, schools, and the security of the sale (before and after), its a stressful process. LifeLock can assist you with some great tips on that home purchase! If you head over and take the quiz on home buying, you could also win a $1000 Visa Gift card and a 1 year LifeLock Membership! There are some great reminders about what to do with your mail, paying bills, and monitoring your accounts!

And no matter how many homes you have, or will have, or even if you are renting, the upkeep almost never, ever ends. Between the house maintenance, the lawn maintenance, the housework….

Ugg, the housework…omgosh.

The clean laundry looks about the same as the dirty laundry.

The pile just relocates.

And the toys…they never end. They are in pockets around the entire house. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, EVERYWHERE. I know part of it is my fault because I get bored and buy new toys.

Yeah, you read that right.*I* get bored and buy new toys.

Being a stay at home/work at home mom has its advantages and disadvantages but one of them is I am forced to read the same books and play with the same toys over and over and over again and so I buy new cool things.

Then the kids outgrow them and my spare room ends up looking like an episode of hoarders:

(All of this is waiting for a garage sale…come on spring!)

And my living room…….

But some day I’ll probably replace these toys with empty spaces as the kids grow and look back and wish for the wild house, the mussy lawn from being too busy with the kids, and the tiny hand prints of food on the wall.

At least that is what I tell myself every day as I fall into the bed exhausted.

But happy.

Very, very happy.


I have received compensation for my proud participation as a LifeLock Ambassador. All opinions and experiences are personal. You can also follow the LifeLock Facebook Page, Twitter stream, and G+ profile which will be chock full of updates and tips to help out even the savviest purchaser.

Hi, y'all! If you got this far, awesome . I am assuming you want to know more about me. I am a *cough* 36 year old mom of 2 great kids, 6 rescue animals and proud wife of my high school sweetheart. This blog is my outlet and allows me to pretend I am a kid at heart. I get to play with glitter and glue, eat lots of sweets (its for the blog, I swear!) and connect with readers and friends. As a blogger I love to share with you- so the rundown is that I am currently reading this, using these for calmer bedtimes, giving away this, and suggesting here if you ever wanted to be a blogger yourself.

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  1. FlyLady has some great suggestions to quickly make sure your house is spotless when you start each day.

    We try to implement a few of them.


  2. I can definitely relate! Our house has caused us more trouble than I care to think about during the past year: bad siding, rotting windows, rotting floor beams, broken water heater, broken AC/heater… and that’s just the stuff we were able to fix! But we love the town we live in, and we can’t get rid of the house anyway in the shape it’s in, so we might as well learn to love it!

  3. You are right, it IS hard work!! My garage looks like your spare room. My husband HATES garage sale prep, but when it’s said and done, he is happy with the money! ;)

  4. Glad I’m not the only one who craves new toys for the kids. We can only rock with Elmo so many times before it’s time for a change.

  5. I love your spare bedroom. LOL. I agree that I try to enjoy the moment because I know one day I will look back when the kids are older and have moved on and miss these days.

  6. I’ve been there and yes, those piles grow and have a certain funk about them as the kids grow. But like Kim above me says, you’ll look back and miss it!

    Mom of 3 gown boys now men…sigh oh to have them small for just one day,

  7. Your house is lovely, Trisha. Even with all the toys lol. I really like the rug and couch in your living room. Now, I need to go do some laundry. ;)

  8. I promise, you will look back and miss it OH so much! I know I certainly do, as both of my kids left the nest this year.

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