Best Selling Baby Toys of All Time

Sorry everyone, it really is almost that time. I know, at the time I am writing this, for some of you its still 100 degrees outside. But Christmas is coming and its now, not later, that you will want to start deciding what you are going to be purchasing.  While every year new toys come out and there are absolutely… Read More

Friskies Pull ‘n Play: First Edible Cat String

This post brought to you by Friskies. The content and opinions expressed below are that of trisha. Friskies Pull ‘n Play I love any reason (or no reason at all) to give my 6 cats a toy or a treat, but the holidays really excite me! Why? STOCKINGS! Yep, I’m one of those crazy pet moms that hang up the… Read More

How to Wrap a Bottle Fabulously

I admit it- I am a really bad wrapper. If it comes to a box and some regular paper, you can be assured that I will measure it wrong, twice, and then use patchwork and scotch tape to fix it up. Basically, it looks like a 2nd grader did it. But one thing I love to do, and if you… Read More

Chinet – Helping Humans Reinvent The Art Of Socializing Over Food

Man’s a social animal – you’ve heard that about a million times, probably. Now is the time to absorb the meaning of it; nothing beats the warmth and coziness of friendship, and nothing exudes this warmth and coziness as profoundly as a session of reverie with family and friends. Add some spice and sweetness to your homely gatherings with food… Read More

Put together Easy Holiday Hair Looks – Your way!

Its holidays yall and that means time to wear your most fabulous holiday dresses and your hair in a million ways that make you feel like a million bucks! I dont know about you, but I love to get dressed up and from Halloween through New Years, its a wonderful time to stock up on the supplies you need to… Read More

Tie Dye Fruity Cupcakes

I always preempt my baking posts by telling you that I am the worst baker ever. This way, if something happens to suck, you won’t come after me for it. That being said I don’t really need a disclaimer tonight because this Tie Dye Fruity Cupcakes recipe: a) did not suck b) cannot be screwed up c) is easy and very… Read More

Edible Chocolate Shot glasses with Egg Nog

Edible Chocolate Shot glasses with Egg Nog: Turn up your Holiday Chances are you have at least one party to go to or to host and you may be looking for something extra special to bring. Or maybe you are just in the holiday spirit in your own home and seeing Egg Nog on the shelves makes you giddy like… Read More

Hallmark Gifts: Repackage for Perfection

When it comes to the holidays we are all a little short on time. And with so much to do between cooking, gifting and of course hanging out with friends, we all need an easy one stop shop solution for our most basic holiday needs. That is why during this season, I wanted to share an easy and effective tip… Read More

INSIDE OUT Full Movie 2015 Out Online

INSIDE OUT FULL MOVIE ONLINE Get excited! You can now see the INSIDE OUT Full Movie online, HD, in a download or purchase the DVD or Blue Ray Version!  Having children, I own the entire collection of Pixar movies. From Toy Story to Monsters University, I have spent enough time watching these flicks that I could likely rewrite the script… Read More