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Dog Treats: How many should you give?


Although the dog and I don't always get along, giving him a treat is important to all of us a family. Not only does it reward good behavior but the truth is we ALL like and deserve a treat, so why not our pets! But there are rules when it comes to treating your pet and its important to follow some guidelines. Make sure you know the weight of your dog so you  know how much to feed him. Here is a great chart that shows you how many treats per weight.  Treats tend to be high calorie so you should not overuse treats Treats are NOT a substibute for daily dog food Dont forget you can break up larger treats to smaller pieces When Waggin' Train offered to send Jedi some treats, he … [Read More...]

My son wears Pink Nail Polish – and you can too!


When it comes to makeup, a girl could never have too much. Or a two year old boy  who cannot STAND if I have my nails painted and he doesn't...check out him modeling NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in "Fuchsia Glamour." He rocks it.     Come to think of it, neither kid can stand it if you have on makeup and they don't. Charlotte had me paint hers too!      $1 off any NYC New York Color product But the good news is you can get this look and all your makeup products and NOT break the bank. I picked up nail polish, a gorgeous plum eyeliner, and some beautiful maroon lipgloss all under $8 combined from Walmart htis week! And even better, I have a high … [Read More...]

“A Little Love Inside” DIY Gender Reveal Cake

Make a cake with a little "love inside" for birthdays or gender reveal parties! Easy photo instructions will make you say WOW! I can do that!

Tomorrow is my husbands 35th birthday. I always get happy when his birthdays get close because for that one month that separates us our birth dates, I have to hear about how I am "two years" older than him. No matter how much "younger" he is then I am (which my daughter finds weird), he is the light of my life and I love him dearly. So hot off the heels of the July 4th "Star Inside" cupcakes that everyone loved, I wanted to make a cake with a little "love inside" just for him. Of course he will be out of town for his birthday so this one was just a trial run. After I was done making this cake I put a picture on my personal Facebook account and had a friend remark that it would make a great … [Read More...]

Garden Plant Markers: Labeling your Indoor Garden (DIY)

Inspiration: Creating an indoor garden and marking herbs, skip the stakes and mark via mini chalkboard signs, Learn more

Friday night we finally planted our indoor herbs and created our inside living spice and herb garden to help with fresh cooking! But I have to tell you that I hate these little informative spikes that go into planters. Yes, they do serve an important purpose but they are dirty and ugly. So a quick trip to hobby lobby found us a better solution. I have to give credit to my spouse who found these .99 cent mini chalkboard signs with tiny ropes that were perfect. We purchased 4 and a set of colored chalk markers (the chalkboard markers were $11, but I used a 40% off coupon!). I wanted to do chalkboard signs because who knows when I will tire of a specific herb and be ready to change it … [Read More...]

Growing an Indoor Living Spice Cabinet

Indoor Spice Garden for your Kitchen, easy to make

Just about two weeks to the day, I moved into a new house. It's so interesting to move. On one hand its like a new start, all these blank walls and empty hallways and new spaces to be creative in. On the other, its still a house, not a home. There are no memories and boxes lurk around every corner. And as much as I want to go on a crazy buying spree to fill every area, it's not practical. I have to take each day one by one and piece together new memories and new ideas. Now one of my favorite places in my new house is my kitchen. It has 24 (!) pull out drawers, hoards of space, and enough room to invite half the neighborhood over to cook. It inspires me to bake and cook and I find myself … [Read More...]

Sweetened Fried Pickles: July 4th Must!

Sweetened Fried Pickles, July 4th treat- you will never guess what these are coated with! Recipe

I cannot believe July 4th is nearly here. And every year at this time we not only get to celebrate our country's independence, but my husbands birthday which falls right before it on the 1st! As you can imagine its one long week of great food, fireworks, and Suprise Inside Firecracker cupcakes. Now I know I have mentioned before how picky Charlotte is. She is a self made vegetarian (although sometimes I can get her to eat some chicken) which means we constantly have to figure out what kind of food she is willing to eat that falls outside of the 'pasta' realm. So you can imagine my shock when about 3 weeks ago I (and she) discovered she liked pickles.  I really thought that someone so … [Read More...]

Kraft Paisley Points: Earn Points from Kraft Purchases


As a stay at home mom with two kids, it is important to be able to get as much out of our budget as possible. This is why I love it when companies offer an incentive to buy their product, especially when it is something that we would be buying anyway, such as Kraft Foods products! This summer, Kraft Foods is rewarding you with Paisley Points for buying the Kraft cheese products you know and love such as Kraft Singles, Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese, Kraft Shredded Cheese, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and more than 100 other Kraft Foods products. The program is simple: Starting June 3, 2014 until August 31, 2014 shop for select Kraft Foods cheese brands at Walmart, scan your receipt, and earn … [Read More...]

Thomas and Friends Journey to Rewards FREE POINTS CODE


Last weekend I moved houses and while its been a fun adventure, the packing and unpacking process is so overwhelming. My method is this: 1) Open Box 2) Dump all of it on floor 3) Sort and put away Basically if I leave things in boxes till I "find a place" ill basically never find a place and my 2 year old will be 10 before we open the last one. Which means my house looks about like this: And after sorting through all those toys, I found that most of them were baby toys. Toys that were meant for tiny toddlers to pick up and explore, to drop in holes and sort- basically stuff that is way past my sons age at now 3.  Took about 2 hours, but afterwards I had 7 donation bags in the … [Read More...]

Hurricane Harbor Blows into Six Flags Over Georgia


About a year ago Six Flags invited me to become a "Super Mom" and follow along on their new adventure- a portion of the park dedicated strictly to water.     I can still remember standing with the park president, Dale, as he showed us a concrete city and the dream.   Since then its been a whirlwind of press trips to see updates and as of our last trip in March, our view was still this. I was like no way in heck will it be done in May!   I am here, a week after visiting the newly opened Hurricane Harbor, to tell you that its not only done, but its awesome.  Last week I took my parents and my daughter on a 3 day trip to Atlanta to … [Read More...]

Create Custom Nail polish with Younique Pigments

Create DIY Custom Nailpolish colors with younique pigments and blushes, www.asyouniqueasyouare.com

As you all know I love makeup. And as you all also know, I am a Younique rep and have shared those 3d Fiber Lashes before that everyone loves!  But Younique has a ton more makeup available than just those lashes, the least of which are blushes and pigments that can be used for eye shadows and mixing up the perfect color for you. That being said no matter how much we love our makeup pallets, if you purchase a group of makeup chances are you got a color that you don't love or that seems to outlast all other colors. OR you have a color that you DO love and wish you had another ways to match it. I am here to help you with an easy, to the point, perfect Beauty DIY. Create Custom Nail polish … [Read More...]

Firecracker “Surprise Inside” Cupcakes

Firecracker Surprise inside cupcakes with poprock "firecrackers"

I come from a really patriotic family. With my husband 3rd generation military and much of our family and friends serving, July 4th really brings out the red, white, and blue for me. Now last year I made Firecracker sugar cookies and you all seemed to love them. In fact the internet loved them so much that they went viral. So this year in a tradition of patriotic and holiday baking, I wanted to give you a few things new to try - and to share. Firecracker "Surprise Inside" Cupcakes Conceptually these are easy, but because I used cupcakes it tends to be a bit more compact and therefore your "surprise" will need to be a lot more detailed. Here is how I did it. 3 boxes of cake (or … [Read More...]

Bye, Bye Blender! Real Fruit Smoothies in your home!

Shake without a Blender, Check out these new Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

About 2 years ago we decided to put our house on the market. We had tons of walk throughs and lots of interested people, but no one could close since loans were the tightest they had ever been in decades. I tell you this so I can tell you this- I don't have a blender. I mean I have a blender, but its been in storage for 2 years, which means anytime I want to create anything that needs a blender, I have to find alternative methods like the mixer or the bottom of a can to press food down. It's been unfun.  So when Dole asked me if my family wanted to try out these new DOLE shakers (add juice and shake to create the smoothie), I said sure! DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers … [Read More...]