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Hurricane Harbor Tickets and Opening for Six Flags Over Georgia


Last year I was one of the very first lucky bloggers to announce about the brand new water park, Hurricane Harbor, coming to Six Flags over Georgia. Throughout the year I have been able to watch the progress from ground breaking to now and recently had a chance to go back to the park to see the progress! This is my YAAAAAAAAAY face. First, coming into the park is always a thrill. Something about putting aside all the work, the bills, and gearing up to jump on rides! I learned during my trip about the brand new finger mapping to make getting into the park quicker and easier. And it's true! The lines were minimalist compared to my visit last year and people were getting in and out … [Read More...]

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort: Win a Stay Here!


Earlier last week (right before my amazing cruise!) I had let you all know about the Destin Wine Festival in Destin, Florida in my Cotton Candy Champagne post. If you have not been to the area, its an absolutely a MUST see spot in the US and a perfect family or romantic vacation. I grew up on the panhandle in Pensacola Beach so I am well aware of the coastal green waters and the white sands and wait every year for perfect beach weather. Well, it has arrived!  Kick off your summer by checking out the Destin Wine Festival!  You can get the whole schedule of events and get tickets to the “Best Annual Event” by Destin Magazine, which is also known as the Best event in the Visit South Walton … [Read More...]

Cotton Candy Champagne : Mom’s Night In


In honor of the 28th annual Sandestin Wine Festival, taking place April 10-13, I wanted to give you a little fun idea that can help you celebrate the FUN in being an adult - wine and all the great things to do with it. Recently the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the #1 resort on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, invited Chris and I to experience an "at home wine in a box" to get a little festival at home. Of course for me, wine translates to champagne (because that's the kind of drinker I am) and must always accompany a side of Italian. But first about Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. If you are lucky enough to be from this area, which I am, you already know all about them. On their … [Read More...]

How to make Stand up Bunny Ears


Now that we have started Mardi Gras in town, it's a reminder that Easter is just around the corner. I know some of you are going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but it's true. Plus by the time Easter gets here, its spring, so there is that. Yesterday I hopped (see what I did there?) over to the craft store to see if I could find something holiday related to do with the kids. Turns out, I found something holiday related I could do with the kids AND the cats, so torture it is! How to make Stand up Bunny Ears (that annoy your cats) foam sheets (1 white and 1 pink is fine) elastic hole punch glue scissors pencil   To start you need to make yourself a bunny ear template or … [Read More...]

Monsieur Egg: 30 second no mess egg decor

30 Second No Mess Egg Decorating

When Charlotte was a little girl (well..littler girl) we always looked forward to egg decorating. The only problem was it took 20 minutes to boil eggs and about 3 minutes for the dying fun to end. Now egg decorating is nearly an art (see my Egg Decorating Board on Pinterest) and you don't want the fun to end! So I was so excited to find these decorating only eggs at the store! I picked them up at Walmart for under $2 and yes, you can even dye them! I bought 4 dozen so this week I am going to be sharing with you some fun ways to decorate your eggs! Now in our house, paint reigns supreme.  It's easy to keep the kids busy by busting out the washable crayola paint, some paintbrushes and … [Read More...]

Colored Baking Soda Plates: Kids Activity

Baking Soda Kitchen Activity for Kids, www.momdot.com

As a stay at home mom every day I have to find something new to keep the interest of my two kids. With school work, house work, and a million pets running around, my brain can get a little uncreative and tired as the day goes on. Unfortunately "mommy wants to just lay on the couch" doesn't translate very well to a 2 year old. It ends up in questions like... Why? Why? Whhhhhhhhhy? Which is why when I was adding to my Rainbow Crafting Pinterest Board and a blogger friend of mine showed me a post of hers called 10 Baking Soda Experiments,  I got really excited! That day was a little trying for me with the kids getting on each others nerves, so I decided to get up, drag everyone to the kitchen … [Read More...]

Mini Colored Kitchen Volcanoes

Baking Soda Kitchen Activity for Kids, www.momdot.com

Earlier I was sharing with you our fun kids Baking Soda Science Activity which was inspired by Jens 10 Baking Soda Science Experiments here. We had so much fun making those colored paper plates that we could not resist continuing on with our fun a little big longer in the kitchen. So long, in fact, that I went through FOUR bottles of vinegar and 2 large baking soda boxes in the process. I think had I had a BUCKET of vinegar the kids would have been totally in. Maybe that's a summer activity. On with the show! Mini Colored Kitchen Volcanoes Step by Step easy picture tutorial for kids For this experiment you need to set up glasses of vinegar to be the base for your volcano. I had … [Read More...]

Easter Holiday Dresses and Custom Baskets

Chasing Fireflies Easter Dress

I have to admit that any holiday that requires my kids to dress up in beautiful clothing is a favorite of mine. It may seem silly but every day seeing them in shorts and t shirts, covered in stains, juice, and milk, I can really relish in some tulle, crinoline, and soft prints. And every year I get an opportunity to work with Chasing Fireflies on showing off some of the best Easter clothing they have to offer and this year is no exception. With Easter and springtime pajamas complete with bunnies to these adorable and custom made baskets that can hold lots of goodies, Chasing Fireflies is not only a great place to shop but a FUN place to shop. Check out our custom made baskets (where else … [Read More...]

Buy Thomas & Friends™ to Earn Big Rewards! (EXCLUSIVE CODE!)

Buy Thomas & Friends™ to Earn Big Rewards!

When it comes to toys, my family buys a lot. Not because I want to spoil my kids or anything like that, but because as a stay at home mom I am the one that get stuck playing them....which  means I get bored and want more. Yes, my kids are lucky. But one toy that has gone through all the years of my daughter and so far all the years of my son are trains. From train tables, and train sets, to the trains themselves, Thomas has the BEST of the best. And now, finally, you can get REWARDS for all those trainterrific purchases! I imagine had I had that since the dawn of time back when Char was a baby I would have rewards for DAYS! But fret no more! Listen, Moms, you can get MORE out of … [Read More...]

EXCLUSIVE Monster High Operetta Doll: Beautiful!

Monster High Hauntlywood Operetta Doll

This post is sponsored by LBox PR When it comes to kids toys, Charlotte is slowly outgrowing some of her old favorites. Stuffed animals are often piled in the corner and the smaller cutesy toys of her 6 and 7 years old are hanging out in Tupperware. But when it comes to Monsters High Dolls, she is all in! And when I asked her if she would be interested in checking out an EXCLUSIVE Monster High Hauntlywood Operetta Doll (Only available at Walmart and in THIS dress a LIMITED time) and letting me know how she liked it, she said YES YES YES! In the past she has helped me showcase the Monsters High Locker as well, so she is an old pro. First she wanted to show you the doll - Monster … [Read More...]

Paper Plate Wind Sock: Rainbow Crafting

Rainbow Kids Craft perfect for St. Patricks day and fun toddler idea!

Every time we have a party we dress the dining room up with the strings of crepe paper and always have rolls of it left over. Its cheap and its fun but there has to be more to crepe paper than birthdays, right? So in or question for all things Rainbow Crafting this month, we created a fun "wind sock" ( I realize its not a sock, but we call this 'creative license'). The kids worked together on it very well! This craft also resulted in some serious glitter around the house, but it did make sure I mopped for about 10 days straight so I suppose this was a win/win. Paper Plate Wind Sock Need Paper plate glitter (or markers to decorate) Stapler Rolls of crepe paper - $1 at Dollar … [Read More...]

Toddler Hand Print Rainbows (Great Keepsake!)

Rainbow Activities for Kids, St. Patricks Day Fun!

Lately P and I are having a great deal of fun with "Rainbow" crafting as a way to get behind the St. Patrick's Day spirit! Although Charlotte was old enough to cut her hands out to create a paper hand print rainbow project, I wanted to do something more toddler friendly with P. So off to the craft store! I happened to walk by a buy 2 deal with the Canvas', so we grabbed that. They were $8 for 2 at Hobby Lobby! Then we came out and broke out the paints. Even if you don't have a canvas, you can do this on a poster board, foam board or plain old construction paper. I do find, however, that having the canvas makes a really nice keepsake to hang on the wall or to give as a gift to a … [Read More...]