BOGO 50% off all Dove Hair products

Lets chat. I have been a bad blogger. I do my best to bring you amazing deals, toy ideas, kids activities and crafts, and yep, food. It may sound scattered but life legitimately consist of a lot of decisions to make on a daily basis…. Read More

MakeUp Eraser Review: Does it Work?

Makeup Eraser Review Does the Makeup Eraser even work? A couple weeks ago, while talking about another product, someone I know online asked if I would be interested in testing out a Makeup Eraser. Being in the direct sales world already and loving makeup (seriously… Read More

30 Second Trail Mix for Kids

When it comes to lunches, you just can’t avoid it. Sorry. As much as you likely don’t even want to consider slapping PB&J on another piece of bread, the fact is, every morning at 6am, you are likely making lunch for your kids, your spouse,… Read More

Best Natural Mascaras Review

Best Natural Mascaras Finding the best natural mascaras for your needs can be a little bit tricky. While it’s getting easier and easier to find other natural products in stores these days, it seems like natural cosmetics are still about a decade behind everything else. There are… Read More

Homework Help Desk

Homework Help Desk   When it comes to back to school many parents take the time to celebrate. Gone are the early mornings and long nights of entertainment and b ack is the routine that so many families crave. However, if you are anything like… Read More

How to make Soap

How to make soap There are two ways that you can make soap. You can do it the old-fashioned way with lye and curing and waiting and waiting. Or you can go the melt-and-pour route–buy a soap base, melt it, mix things in, and pour… Read More

American Beauty : What does it mean to you?

Suave Coupons   American Beauty, it could mean so many things in your life. A fresh beautiful face, a tribute to your country, the delicious food, the melting pot of people, or even the landscape. Suave and Kroger have teamed up to celebrate the new,… Read More

Stay bye to Stinky Spouse (yes, please)

Men’s grooming products 2015 Are you looking for the best men’s grooming products for 2015? Essential men’s grooming products has absolutely grown in the past few years, making a name for themselves and giving women’s products a run for their money. What once was one… Read More

Bic: Fight for your Write

BIC   There isn’t a time I remember without BIC products at home. From the time I was in elementary school myself clicking around with my mechanical pencils, to the smooth writing of the perfect BIC pen, BIC has been helping kids and parents reach… Read More


Isaac Mizrahi New York There is no doubt that you have heard the name Isaac Mizrahi. Between the phenomenal shoes, luggage, belts, dresses and more, the name has quickly become a staple in a fashionable closet. The best part being that you can find a style… Read More

How I create my favorite Beauty Looks!

  TRESemme coupons 2015   Looking for TRESemme coupons for 2015? You have come to the right place and I have the right deal! Get Runway hair you can wear every day and show off new styles by picking up these amazing products, available at… Read More