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Firecracker “Surprise Inside” Cupcakes

Firecracker Surprise inside cupcakes with poprock "firecrackers"

I come from a really patriotic family. With my husband 3rd generation military and much of our family and friends serving, July 4th really brings out the red, white, and blue for me. Now last year I made Firecracker sugar cookies and you all seemed to love them. In fact the internet loved them so much that they went viral. So this year in a tradition of patriotic and holiday baking, I wanted to give you a few things new to try - and to share. Firecracker "Surprise Inside" Cupcakes Conceptually these are easy, but because I used cupcakes it tends to be a bit more compact and therefore your "surprise" will need to be a lot more detailed. Here is how I did it. 3 boxes of cake (or … [Read More...]

Bye, Bye Blender! Real Fruit Smoothies in your home!

Shake without a Blender, Check out these new Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

About 2 years ago we decided to put our house on the market. We had tons of walk throughs and lots of interested people, but no one could close since loans were the tightest they had ever been in decades. I tell you this so I can tell you this- I don't have a blender. I mean I have a blender, but its been in storage for 2 years, which means anytime I want to create anything that needs a blender, I have to find alternative methods like the mixer or the bottom of a can to press food down. It's been unfun.  So when Dole asked me if my family wanted to try out these new DOLE shakers (add juice and shake to create the smoothie), I said sure! DOLE Nutrition Plus Fruit & Veggie Shakers … [Read More...]

Dove: Value Your Beauty #FDBeautyIs


We all know what Dove has always stood for. Great products, yes, but inner beauty? Even better. There are so many things I love about Dove, the most being that they value and celebrate women and girls. From their NutriumMoisture Deodorant or the inspiring Mens Care Operation Homefront they did last year, I am so glad to have the opportunity to share them with you! So when they asked me to let everyone know about another way to share your REAL beauty with #FDBeautyIs, I couldn't wait! What Women Inspire me?  I am blessed to have a lot of amazing women in my life, like my best friends Kim, Nicole, Lynsey, and Joy. These ladies are all uniquely different and uniquely special. OH, and they … [Read More...]

DIY Paris Hairbow Holder

Create a counter hairbow holder in under 10 minutes, adorable, easy and customizable

This past week I was lucky enough to be sent a new Minnie in Paris book. Its beautiful, bright, and all things adorable, pink and cutesy! Obviously, I loved it. And as an inspiration of that book I decided to add to my ever growing hair bow holder DIY instructions with yet another one, a DIY Paris Theme Hairbow holder!   I am, without a doubt, going to show you how to make the easiest hairbow holder you have ever made. Now in the past I have made other bowholders but all of them had to be hung on the wall. From the detailed tutu hair bow holder to the Christmas Bow holder extravaganza, this one is unlike my past holders. This one stands on a counter or dresser and you can purchase … [Read More...]

2 Ingredient Frozen Greek Yogurt Pops: Easy Recipe!


When it comes to mornings around here we have three kinds: 1) The normal morning. This consists of Chris (daddy) getting up and ironing uniforms, making Charlotte's lunch, and getting ready for work. It also consists of me laying in bed staring at the ceiling trying to turn the day on while the whole family is moving. He is a really great husband and a VERY amazing father so they usually let me lay there. 2) The "daddy is out of town" morning where daddy is out of town. (I guess that one was self explanatory.) These mornings consist of me getting up around 6 am, making Charlotte's lunch, throwing her uniforms in the dryer (you think I iron..uh no, that is my husbands job), and taking a … [Read More...]

Frozen Coffee Pumpkin Pop; Mom’s Morning Pick Me Up

Frozen Coffee Pumpkin Pop; Mom's Pick Me Up

Now that summer has officially arrived in the Haas house, my kids want to get up at 7am and  play.  *shudder* They do not want to eat. They do not want to wake up slowly and watch some morning cartoons. They do not want to lounge in pj's till noon.  Damn I miss lounging in pg's till noon. They want to run into the backyard like banshees and get into every possible thing before I have so much as poured cream in my coffee. So yesterday I created a "Mommy's Special Frozen Coffee Recipe", complete with dollar store ingredients so as not to break the bank, and grab-able for those early morning backyard days. Which is pretty much every day in my world. Looks like this... but tastes … [Read More...]

DOLE Fruit Squish’ems – GMO Free, Gluten Free, and No Corn Syrup!


Ooh, one week left of school and then summer vacation! I love summer, so much less to do...or rather so much less HOMEWORK to do. I foolishly thought that when I got out of my own education I would not have to do science projects or calculate why someone purchased 49 apples in a day, but I was wrong. Now my frustrations just lead to my daughters frustrations. Which is why I am so ready for summer. Now when it comes to getting active, we are that family. We are out every day, every  night and Charlotte is in horseback riding so weekends too. P is still a bit young for team sports but we are prepping him in the backyard for his future. Like last weeks slip and slide Olympics in our … [Read More...]

Fathers Day Printable: Easy for kids to create

Create a Dad card to print (free!)

Woot! Fathers day is coming up. Its funny because this time of the year I am bombarded with things to buy dad. There are so many dads in my life. My own dad whom I always think of tech items, football and grilling, my father in law who makes me think of watching movies, and my husband, who makes me think of hammocks, soccer, and books. I think whatever "dad type" your husband (or dad, or step dad, or father in law is) its just nice to remember them. Dove® Men+Care® and Degree™ Honor Fathers Day This Fathers Day season you can honor your dad with a printable card and "Nominate him" for the Dad Hall of Fame! This one is so easy for kids to create for dad. Just upload a picture, click on … [Read More...]

Banana & Apple Simple Bread Recipe

Recipe for Easy Apple Banana bread without Crushing up apples..here is how.

This morning my husband did a wonderful thing. He left me alone. Without the kids. OR THE DOG. FREE-dom! He took them all to the farm for Charlotte's horseback riding lesson, which was a double, which meant 4 long blissful hours in a quiet house. Do I clean? Do I cook? Do I read? I actually decided to make some bread. I have been waiting for some bananas on my counter to properly ripen for some banana bread and since they were starting to attract tiny little fruit flies, I figured my time was short. Except when I opened the pantry to pull everything out and saw some new boxes of this Squishem fruit, I was like...hey...waiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute. I can have "insert any fruit I want here" … [Read More...]

How to make a Ribbon Tutu

How to Make a DIY Ribbon Tutu  with left over crafts, easy and fun, girly and glam

I have created a lot of different tulle, tutu, and hair bow holder projects on Momdot. And today I wanted to show you a really easy one that takes almost no time at all, costs under $6 (or less if you have big craft buckets like I do) and every one will love! This is a must for a dress up play area and an easy craft to create for a girls tea party or  glam birthday party. While I made a ribbon tutu with assorted ribbons as shown below, you can customize it with different colors to represent a sports team or glam it up with sparkly ribbons and glitter! How to make a Ribbon Tutu All you need is assorted ribbons - approx 50 ribbons in 3 foot length (depends on how you want to … [Read More...]

Firecracker Sugar Cookies


With Memorial day coming up (and 4th of July not far behind), no doubt you are planning a fun celebration. And what is a party without some firecrackers??! So here is a super fun way to pass out cookies that will make the kids "ooh and ahh" when they pop in their mouth! To make it easy, I am showing you the recipe in photos. See? Super simple!   Memorial day Firecracker Cookies Ingredients your favorite sugar cookie recipe butter cream or white frosting  2 packs of pop rocks white sugar + blue gel paste Instructions 1) Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe 2) Frost with butter cream 3) Create blue sugar by adding sugar and blue gel paste into a blender … [Read More...]

5 Minute Spy Laser Obstacle Course for Kids

Create an at home laser spy experience in your home - toddler style!

Phoenyx has been a cranky pants all week. Daddy comes home today from being out of town all week (YAY!) and he is on his wits end with me I think. So today I decided to use all this crepe paper for something fun. Its been on my mind for awhile that I wanted to make a sorta "Spy" obstacle course that the kids could go under and over as if the paper was lasers. Obviously my 2 year old is more likely to tear through it, but I think he did a pretty good job once I showed him how its done! Create Spy Obstacle (Fake) Laser Course Charlotte is not home yet to test it out, but here is what we did. For less than $3, we had a good time (and plenty available for new courses later!) Tape your Crepe … [Read More...]